Retro: 8 interesting pregnancy myths believed in Nigeria

Retro: 8 interesting pregnancy myths believed in Nigeria

Myths are traditional stories that are widely believed without known facts supporting the stories or where and how they originated.

And, funny enough, these kind of stories are widely believed in Nigeria. Example of common myths in Nigeria are the ones about pregnant women, they are so much that many of them are too ridiculous to wrap around ones head.

Being pregnant in a Nigerian household, you start to hear somethings that would likely scare you or just make you shake your head at whoever said it too you.

Some of these pregnancy myths are even so well thought out that you might believe them, but thanks to science some of them have been debunked. has compiled a list of pregnancy myths that you might have heard:

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1) Myth: Belly position determines baby's gender

There are possibilities that aunties or mother-in-laws would tell a new pregnant wife that the position of her baby would determine the gender.

Carrying high means a girl and carrying low means boy. Really?

Fact: Every woman experiences pregnancy in different ways and the body changes due to fetus position or muscle size, either way position of the baby does not determine gender.

2) Myth: Regular heartburn during pregnancy means the baby would have long hair

Fact: Hair on any newborn baby depends on his/her genetic make-up. Heartburn during pregnancy is also caused by the growing weight of the baby which pushes the digestive apparatus upwards.

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3) Myth: Raising Arms above the head during pregnancy can cause the umbilical cord to wrap around the baby's neck.

Fact: According to a report by the UT Southwestern Medical Center, what causes umbilical cord to wrap around baby's neck might be because the cord is extra-long or excess amniotic fluid that allows more fetal movement.

4) Myth: No intimacy during pregnancy due to damage to the fetus during thrust.

Fact: As long as your doctor has not given instructions not to have intercourse, a pregnant woman is free to do whatever she wants in that aspect.

5) Myth: A pregnant woman should not exercise or stress herself.

Fact: Active pregnant women end up giving birth to babies with healthy hearts. It doesn't have to be a strenuous exercise but activity is good for a pregnant woman.

6) Myth: Safety pins on clothes protect babies from being possessed

It is said that the safety pin would hurt anything that tries to possess an unborn baby.

Fact: Safety pins are not holy weapons.

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7) Myth: Pregnant women's legs should not be crossed over

It is believed that any pregnant woman that someone crosses over her legs might end up giving birth to a child that looks like the person who crossed over them.

Fact: Who a baby looks like depends on the parents' genes and who a baby takes after depends on what they are taught growing up.

8) Myth: Frequent consumption of chocolate during pregnancy equals happy baby

Fact: This is just ridiculous

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