Top trending Jon Bellion songs and albums 2019

Top trending Jon Bellion songs and albums 2019

This young American musician has already gained worldwide popularity, and it seems like he is going to rock the music scene with his new songs. Do not miss the chance to listen to the top trending Jon Bellion songs and albums and find out more about his unique music.

Top trending Jon Bellion songs

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Jon Bellion is a singer, songwriter and record producer from New York. This talented artist is 28 years old, and he already released two studio albums and got the experience of the consents in different countries. The development of his musical career is quite active, and here we want to share with you his best musical pieces.

Top Jon Bellion songs list

Here are the top 10 compositions created by Jon Bellion to rock your day!

All Time Low

This record is one of the most known tracks released by this musician. It was released in 2016, as the main single from the first studio album of the musician. "All time low" was produced in collaboration with Mark Williams, Raul Cubina, and Travis Mendes. The track is about heavy emotions and feelings of being in the break up with the beloved one.

The record was for 22 weeks on Billboard chart. As for the video clip, it consists of the scenes from Jon Bellion’s Human Condition Tour. The track greatly represents the music style of Jon, his manner of music production and singing.

Beautiful Now – the collaboration with Zedd

This collaboration with Russian-German musician Zedd appeared to be quite successful. The progressive house sound of this composition made it popular at parties and dance floors, the record gained the first position at Dance Club Songs Billboard chart in 2015.

The music video was also released in 2015, and till this day it gained 136 million views. This video directed by Jonathan Desbiens drew even more attention to the song.

Kingdom Come

Soft pop tune, electronic sounds and honest lyrics – these are the main elements of this composition. The style of performance and inspiring energy made the song one of the most beloved among the fans of Jon. It was released in 2013, but even today it sounds modern and fashionable.

Conversations with My Wife

It is a lead single from the album "Glory Sound Prep" (2018). The production was made in collaboration with Mark Williams, and Raul Cubina, and as a result, this dream-pop track appeared one of the most successful compositions from the album. The lyrics describe a conversation between the singer and his wife about their relationships in the context of social media.

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The song caused a lot of rumours because not much was known about Jon’s personal life. After the release of this track and numerous rumours, the musician confirmed that he married in early 2018. It seems like the singer wants the media to be more concentrated on his music than on personal life.

The Internet

It is one more hit song from "Glory Sound Prep" album. From the first sounds of the record, you understand that it is time to dance! But this catchy sound is not the only value of the song, the lyrics tell us about social media, their influence on us in the modern world, and the difference between real life and self-presentation on the internet.

This topic already became quite common for the songs of Jon Bellion, but it seems like in this record he told his main thoughts about the situation with the internet in the modern world.

Guillotine - the collaboration with Travis Mendes

It is a successful hip hop single from 2016; the record was produced in collaboration with Ojivolta. The voice of Travis Mendes, smooth guitar sounds, and modern dance beats — all these elements created a unique atmosphere of the record.


The musician describes this song as a hymn of freedom that music gives to everyone. Woodstock – is a worldwide known music festival, and in this record, Jon expressed his feelings about the spirit of the festival and rock music of the sixties. Just listen to this record and feel the inspiration and freedom of the tune!

Ooh – the collaboration with Christianne Jensen

Christianne Jensen is Jon’s sister, and she also starts her way in a singing career. In this record, the musician describes his feelings about a girl he likes, and this description sounds romantic. I guess any girl would be happy to hear such words about her beauty: “Your lips they taste like June, your eyes are a rocket to the moon” – these are just two lines of the song that already melted hearts of thousands of Jon’s fans.

Simple and Sweet

The name of this composition truly describes the feelings that you get when you listen to it. Here you can hear the voice of the singer, some synth and simple but catchy drums in the end. The record also accompanied by a great video clip that also looks quite minimalistic, and stylish. The musician wants to say here that there is no need to complicate things, and that we should pay more attention to natural beauty.

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Woke The F*ck Up

This hit song was released in 2016 and remained one of the most famous compositions of this musician. The song is about hard times in relationships, and the life that became a nightmare without a beloved girl. The tune and artistic performing style of the musician ensured the love of fans for this song.

What about Jon Bellion new album?

Till this day the musician released two studio albums:

  • The Human Condition (2016)
  • Glory Sound Prep (2018)

The first album was released on June 10, 2016, at Capitol Records. The release was supported by a big concert tour through the United States and several countries of Europe. This CD gained the fifth position on the Billboard 200 list. Fourteen records of the album opened Jon the door to fame.

Jon Bellion songs

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Jon Bellion album "Glory Sound Prep" was released on November 9, 2018. The release consists of 10 records, including three singles: "Conversations with My Wife," "JT," and "Stupid Deep." The album is placed at 15th poison of US Billboard 200.

Where can I download Jon Bellion songs?

The official website of the musician proposes several resources where you can listen or download Jon Bellion songs. These resources are:

Jon Bellion songs are available for download for everyone, so it is better not to waste time but enjoy the records of the talented musician.

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