Career objective for resume - 25 best samples

Career objective for resume - 25 best samples

What is a career objective and how do you write it? An important part of a successful job search is a well-formed resume. Properly formulated professional goals play a key role in your CV. Our tips on the appropriate career goals will make your resume perfect. Among the 25 examples, you can find one career objective sample that suits you best.

Career objective for resume - 25 best samples

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Not so long ago, in the paragraph ‘career objective’, one could indicate the position they were applying for. Today, sticking to this rule is not relevant. It is important for the employer to understand more specific information about the applicant. He or she can get it looking through the career goals of the possible employee.

Based on the indicated professional goals, the employer can get the answers for the next questions:

  • Why the applicant wants to work in this company;
  • What motivates the applicant when applying for the job;
  • How the applicant understand the features of the particular business or field of activity;
  • In what way the applicant can be useful to the company;
  • Whether the applicant realize the company's proposal

The professional purpose is not the resume purpose. Each CV is written to get a particular job. The career objective is a broader concept. At its core, it implies what you want to obtain in your profession. It can tell a lot to the possible boss and help him or her to choose the right candidate.

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Career objective for IT jobs

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Each professional should represent his or her career ladder as it is directly related to your carrier goals.

How to write a career objective for resume

The paragraph ‘career objective’ should be placed under the CV header with your full name and contacts indicated. If the resume is intended for the personnel service of a particular company, you need to specify the certain position you are applying for. When the applicant considers several vacancies, it is better to make an individual resume for each of them.

If the applicant indicates a lot of positions as the career objectives, the employer will probably invite the person with a narrow professional orientation to the interview as the more competent professional.

It is very important to specify your objective making it suitable for the company. General positions are less interesting for the employer than the vacancy corresponding to the company. You should not write ‘an accountant’ or ‘a builder.' It is necessary to study the company profile carefully. If a trading company requires an accountant, then it is better to indicate that you are interested in the vacancy of an accountant in trade. The career objective should contain statements like this: ‘obtaining an accountant position in the trading company.'

Best objective for resume

Career objectives differ from other types of goals. Any person should understand your occupation and what objectives you are planning to achieve in your work. Non-specific professional goals are not well written.

Career objective for resume

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Successful career objective examples in a resume:

  1. Provide customers with high-quality souvenir products;
  2. Act as a personal assistant to the director of a car sales company;
  3. Improve the development of aircraft engines;
  4. Increase the sales of newspaper products;
  5. Develop the musical hearing and vocal data of the students;
  6. Write quality articles for the magazine about the beauty and health

Thus, a person who reads such professional goals immediately understands what you are planning to achieve. It helps the employer to isolate you from a huge number of resumes submitted for the review.

A clearly formulated objective should:

  1. Reflect your professional activities;
  2. Include your interests and intentions related to the profession;
  3. Show the value of your work for society

A well-defined goal should include some elements:

  • The tasks to solve;
  • The means for solving these tasks;
  • The result you are aiming for;
  • The social group to use this result
Career objective for applicants

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A complete professional goal should include all these elements. It gives the most detailed description of your professional activity.

For this, indicate :

  • The professional tasks you can and want to solve;
  • The methods you will use for this;
  • The result you are planning to get due to the completed work;
  • Who will enjoy the benefits of your work

Try to formulate the goal:

  1. Using your experience;
  2. Predicting and analyzing the problems of your professional sphere;
  3. Imagining the appropriate work result

Further, put all the elements in one formulation. It should be concise and unobtrusive, reflect the essence of your goals, and have intentions regarding professional growth.

What do you need to write?

  • Indicate not only the position but also the specific features of the job.
  • Use the combination of all the elements listed above.
  • Emphasize the job profile of the company you are applying in (it makes the goal clearer).
  • Show your interest in obtaining a specific vacancy in a particular company.
  • Underline your competences and tasks that you are ready to solve.

It is better to avoid:

  • Extra complex wording and very long sentences;
  • Template phrases;
  • The use of blatant flattery;
  • Formulation of the job duties

Career objective sample

We have picked up 25 best career objective samples with links for various jobs and different skill levels. Look through the list of the career objectives for:

Career objective for a worker

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  1. A teacher;
  2. An accountant;
  3. A sales job;
  4. A driver;
  5. A financial analyst;
  6. A spa and massage therapist;
  7. A doctor;
  8. A designer;
  9. A waiter;
  10. Writing jobs;
  11. Students;
  12. An engineer;
  13. A factory worker;
  14. A bellman;
  15. Cabin crew;
  16. A nurse;
  17. IT jobs;
  18. A guard;
  19. A gym trainer;
  20. A petroleum engineer;
  21. An office manager;
  22. A general manager;
  23. A construction worker;
  24. The banking sphere;
  25. A cook
Career objective for a cook

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A properly written career objective will help you find the job of your dreams, probably where the employer and employee understand each other, they pursue the same goals, and the job brings not only work pleasure but also life pleasure.

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