Lady shades friend who wished her a happy wedding anniversary, Nigerians react

Lady shades friend who wished her a happy wedding anniversary, Nigerians react

Often times, when good things happen to friends, they share in their joy by wishing themselves well. These marvellous things can range from birthday celebrations, wedding to anniversaries and a whole lot more.

In this regard, a lady named @Oluwatosyyn on Twitter took to wishing her friend a happy wedding anniversary but what she got in return has puzzled her greatly.

According to this lady who took to her page to discuss this issue of concern, she had taken to Whatsapp to wish her friend well for having crossed another year with her man. This jolly good old lady took to reply to this seemingly harmless greeting.

Her reply was not harmless, however, as this lady practically rubbed all over her face the fact that her friend was not happy. First, she appreciated her friend. Then she went on to throw the bomb.

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This she did by 'praying' for this friend. Her prayer point was that her friend would also find love, walk down the aisle and get married. Good one, right?

Well, it was not so good after she added that her friend would 'finally' be happy when she gets married to this love of her life.

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Without doubt, there is a subtle insinuation that her friend was not happy because she was not married, and it was only until a marriage took place that happiness would finally be the portion of this good friend of hers.

See the post below:

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This shady reply has stirred up confusion and caused many to be tense. Even the lady seems to be apparently confused. See some of the reactions below:

lolo_musiq: "Nigerians and their insensitivity. And you can't even openly object cos the fanatics will come at you with their overzealous, hypocritical bs!"

cheedyz: "I don’t even know how to feel about this one because I don’t Think I’d look to a friend and say “don’t worry you soon find/marry your own wifey” especially over a text. I dunno why this gave me mixed feelings."

eberethegreat: "I hate when people do this, just accept the happy anniversary wish, say thank you and let the single ladies be. I trust myself! When some married friends ask me when they will come for my wedding, I will be like "it will happen". I'm a fine wine and I'm totally "unbothered". The moon does not need permission from the sun to come out, when the time is right, it will. Association of married women stop being unfortunate and asking or making silly comments like this."

eberethegreat: "I've read lots of daft comments, how is this a prayer biko? Lots of people say, they are responsible for what they say and not what you understand. News splash! What you say determines what I understand. This is clearly a case of choosing the wrong words. "... You will be happy" means at the moment you're not happy but when you get married you will be happy. Well, English is hard. Not only are some married women stupid! They are also very insensitive. Not everyone considers marriage as an achievement. So stop acting like those who are single are not happy, zip it!"

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ndokibreed_123: "If she hadn’t said a prayer for her now, the same lady would complain and say oh she’s full of herself since she got married. It’s not that deep, some persons will just be all up in their emotions."

eberethegreat: "Give a critical criticism and not name calling - it just gives you away as immature. BTW you called her sad, someone responded to your comment and called her bitter, anyway that's besides the point that response was trying to make. But since that's the only thing you picked up, I guess your brain couldn't fathom the rest."

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