Top trending Enya songs 2019

Top trending Enya songs 2019

Enya songs are known all over the world. Her unique voice and beautiful musical accompaniment have brought this musician incredible popularity and a number of highly valuable awards. This time we welcome you to find out more about the top trending Enya musical pieces.

Top trending Enya songs

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The songs by Enya are mostly in such genres as Celtic, pop, world music and new age. The talented Irish singer uses multicultural elements in her musical compositions, and she has the experience of singing in ten languages.

Best Enya songs list

The full name of the musician is Enya Patricia Brennan, and now she is 57 years old. To this date, she has released eight studio albums and gained several Grammy, Billboard and World Music Awards.

In 2019, a lot of Enya compositions are still popular, but the last song with the participation of Enya was released in 2016, and the last album (Dark Sky Island) in 2015. Today, the top trending compositions are:

May it be

This masterpiece composition is definitely one of the most known hits from Enya song list. The composition was created for Peter Jackson's movie "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring." Enya composed this single together with Northern Irish poet, writer, and lyricist Roma Ryan. The musician released this record as a single in 2002.

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The lyrics consist of English and fictional Elvish language words. This musical piece gained universal acclaim from music critics. In 2003, the song was nominated for Grammy Award in nomination Best Song Written for Visual Media.

Only Time

This record was released at the album "A Day Without Rain" (2000). Although the song is quite old, it is still highly popular. The record greatly represents the style of this singer. The unquestionable worldwide hit brought musician a new level of popularity.

The record was used as a soundtrack in the movie "Sweet November," in the promotion of series "Friends," and several other popular media projects. In 2000, the record appeared on the tenth position of Billboard Hot 100. Nowadays the song remains one of the top tracks of the singer.

Echoes in Rain

This record is one of the most successful musical works from the last album "Dark Sky Island" (2015), the single was released by Warner Music company. In this piece we can hear pizzicato strings and marching rhythmic ostinatos, the lyrics describe a long journey home, and spirit of travelling. Enjoy the composition that fills the soul with inspiration.


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This song is the leading composition from the album that has the same name, released in 2005. The word "Amarantine" is from the ancient Greek language, and it means "everlasting" or "immortal." Beautiful video clip made this song even more popular. We are sure that the fans of new age music are still in love with this record.

Storms In Africa

The song was released in 1989, but we still can hear this composition from different sources. The single was produced by Nicky Ryan and accompanied by a fantastic video clip. Fans also could hear the song as a soundtrack in the movie "Green Card" (1990).

So I Could Find My Way

It is another composition from "Dark Sky Island" album. It was released as a first promotional single from the album. The emotional melody and thanksgiving lyrics even today melt hearts of Enya’s fans. The music video also appeared to be very atmospheric, and we strongly advise you to enjoy the clip and the record.

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

This composition has a special place among all other songs of the Irish musician. This song is a musical interpretation of Latin Christian hymn for Advent and Christmas. Thomas Helmore created the melody, and the lyric was translated from the Latin language by John Mason Neale. The record was released at "And Winter Came…" album in 2008. Just listen to this beautiful and smooth sound!

Anywhere Is

This catchy tune from the album "The Memory of Trees" (1995) seems quite popular even today. The new age pop song creates a feeling of something otherworldly. Fans continue to listen to this composition with love and loyalty to their favourite singer.

The Memory Of Trees

It is the main composition from the album, that has the same name, it was released in 1995. It is a peaceful tune that can be an excellent accompaniment for relaxation and meditation. Ambient melody and atmospheric voice sounds take a listener to the state of peace and calmness.

Orinoco flow

And to finish our list, we want to mention one of the first worldwide popular songs of Enya. The record was released in 1989, and almost immediately received two Grammy Award nominations. "Orinoco flow" remains well known in popular culture; it was used in several movies and cartoons like: South Park (1997) episode, Shrek Forever After (2010), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011), The Last Man on Earth (2015), Eighth Grade (2018).

One of the best-selling new-age records is a no-doubt masterpiece of the genre, we are sure that you also like this composition, and it is a good idea to listen to it again.

Enya songs downloading sources

There are several official sources where you can download Enya songs, and here we want to present them for you:

Enya songs have a unique sound; her voice and music create feelings of inspiration, spiritual awakening and peace. It seems like these records will never lose their popularity. The musician remains one of the top talents and numerous fans around the world listen to her songs again and again.

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