Top trending Celine Dion songs 2019

Top trending Celine Dion songs 2019

The tragic Titanic story, the beautiful love fairytale of the Beauty and the Beast and many other beautiful tales will forever be connected with the voice of this marvellous lady. Her songs are filled with uniqueness and tenderness. Do you know the name of this woman? She is Celine Dion. So if you want to plunge in the atmosphere of romance and affection, go on reading, and you will discover top trending Celine Dion songs.

Best Celine Dion songs ever
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This Celine Dion song list is arranged according to the views on the star’s official YouTube channel. The number of people watching her music videos is awe-inspiring. So join them and listen to Celine Dion songs below!

Where to listen and download Celine Dion songs?

Several of her songs are in French – the most beautiful language on the Earth. Enjoy the musical compositions below, and if you do not know what some songs in French are about, it will be explained in the article.

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1. Celine Dion - I'm Alive (146 million views)

This song gathered a crazy amount of views. Nothing is surprising in it because the motive and lyrics are extremely powerful. One may even use the following words from the song as a love poem.

"When you call on me

When I hear you breath

I get wings to fly

I feel that I'm alive

When you look at me

I can touch the sky

I know that I'm alive.”

You can download the song I'm Alive and add to the playlist of your favourite songs.

2. Celine Dion - That's The Way (142 million views)

That's The Way is an incredibly inspirational musical composition. If you happen to have problems in life or relations with your beloved, just listen to it, it will encourage you. Celine Dion says that all we will be happy if we are persistent and faithful, and this is how life rules work.

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“When you want it the most

There's no easy way out

When you're ready to go

And your heart's left in doubt

Don't give up on your faith

Love comes to those who believe it

And that's the way it is.”

3. Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On (125 million views)

My Heart Will Go On is a brilliant soundtrack from a famous movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. This clip the third most watched video on the star’s YouTube channel. As you have already understood this is that very song from Titanic movie. It is more than just a musical composition; it is a whole story about eternal love that had no chances to survive. However, be careful, tears may well up your eyes if you listen to it!

“Near, far, wherever you are

I believe that the heart does go on

Once more you open the door

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And you're here in my heart

And my heart will go on and on.”

Top Celine Dion songs list
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4. Celine Dion - A New Day Has Come (118 million views)

It can be said that it is exciting and fascinating to listen to the touching music composition A New Day Has Come because it has unusual sounding effects. You may hear different instruments accompaniment in the melody. You need to listen to it to enjoy the gamma of music. After the song was released in 2002, it became extremely popular on the radio and became No. 1 on the Top 200 albums chart. We advise you not only to enjoy the melody but also try to hear beautiful thoughts of the author:

“Let the rain come down and wash away my tears

Let it fill my soul and drown my fears

Let it shatter the walls for a new, new sun

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A new day has come.”

5. Céline Dion - The Power Of Love (101 million views)

One may turn on this marvellous song waking up with a beloved person in the morning. A musical composition is soaked with bright sunshine, warmth and kindness. It is called “The Power of Love,” and it really illuminates powerful beams of affection. So do not fail to charge with them and listen to the song.

“The whispers in the morning

Of lovers sleeping tight

Are rolling by like thunder now

As I look in your eyes

I hold on to your body

And feel each move you make

Your voice is warm and tender

A love that I could not forsake.”

Top 10 trending Celine Dion songs
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6. Celine Dion - Pour que Tu m'aimes Encore (96 million views)

Pour que Tu m'aimes Encore is the first song by Celine Dion in French in our rating. It is a song expressing the emotional state of a woman or girl who is a fighter for love. This composition will definitely encourage you to break the walls and travel thousands of kilometres to get love back.

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Below you will find a translation:

“I'll find other languages to sing your praises

I'll pack our bags for the fields of eternal harvests

I'll say those magic words spoken by African healers

I'll say them with no regrets so that you love me still.”

7. Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back To Me Now (85 million views)

It is so sad when love is lost, but it is so wonderful when it is found again. This lyric and tender song called It's All Coming Back To Me Now will first make you cry, and then will make you smile. It is so controversial and marvellous at the same time. Sing together with Celine Dion:

“But when you touch me like this

And you hold me like that

I just have to admit

That it's all coming back to me

When I touch you like this

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And I hold you like that

It's so hard to believe, but it's all coming back to me.”

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8. Céline Dion - Parler à mon père (67 million views)

It is one of those Celine songs sang in French. But Parler à mon père is peculiar and beautiful not because of the language, but because of its topic. This musical composition is about a particular and tender connection between a father and daughter. Only a father can understand that powerful love of a parent who sees his daughter growing old. It is a perfect composition for a wedding dance of a father and his little girl. Just read the lyrics in English translation:

“I would like to pass the ocean, cruise the flight of a gull

Think of all this I have seen and go as well to the unknown

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I would like to take down the moon;

I would as well like to save the Earth

But before everything else, I would like to talk to my father

Talk to my father.”

9. Céline Dion - Encore un Soir (59 million views)

This musical composition called Encore un Soir will remind you that time passes, and you should enjoy wonderful moments and live now. So, take your chance, and listen to the song right now!

“But it was only yesterday', my memory would lie to me

And those children faces, and mine in that mirror

Oh, I'm not complaining, don't worry about that

Life spoiled me; I'm having a hard time turning it off

Oh, my God, I've had my share

And even more, in so many ways.”

10. Celine Dion - Ashes (from "Deadpool 2" movie) (58 million views)

A song Ashes was created for a Deadpool movie in 2018. According to David Litch, a person who directed both the film and the music video, this song is part of the plot and theme of the movie, instead of just being a fun music video.

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The unique voice and charming musical accompaniment in Celine Dion songs will charm you for sure. So enjoy her compositions and share with the world, because the world needs more love!

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