Creative thinking: definition and importance

Creative thinking: definition and importance

What is creative thinking? Why do you need it? There are a lot of vacancies in the whole world today where creative thinking is a must for getting a job. Why is it that much important and what benefits may it give not only for work but for your personality as well?

Creative thinking. Definition and importance

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A lot of employers require creative thinking when hiring new people. Being an ordinary person, usually, when you see “creative thinking” as one of the requirements, you may think that it means some artistic talents or something like this. But in fact, it has nothing to do with that.

What is creative thinking?

Welcome new ideas

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What is creative thinking? We have already mentioned that it has nothing to do with some unique talents. You should not be scared when you see this combination of words. It means that a person can look at something in a new way, creatively. The phrase “thinking outside the box” is trendy today and can describe creative thinking in the best way.

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Being creatively different means that you can find new ways to solve any problem. Everything may become annoying with time, and that is why our world needs fresh ideas. It has nothing to do with talents. Everyone can be creative.

If you still think that it is not your story and you cannot think creatively, and you cannot find an unusual way to handle any issue, we have some good news for you. You can develop these skills.

For example, there are so many different riddles, and they work well when it comes to developing creativity. Also, there are a lot of apps, which you can download on your mobile device. They look like games, and while playing these games, your skills are developing. It is an excellent option for those, who do not like to spend a lot of time studying. Just a few minutes a day can help you a lot in getting such a useful skill as creative thinking.

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Creative thinking skills

Open your mind for new ideas and skills

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Now, as you know what creative thinking is, it is time to find out what components it may include.

Analytical component

Analytical thinking is the ability to understand the problem before finding an unusual way to solve it. It means that you should always assume the core of the issue. You should be sure that you know 100% of the situation. Not 10, nor 50 and not even 90%. And it is not only about some problems and their solving. It is also about different texts, lesson plans, a set of data or anything else.


We have already mentioned the problem solving before. And now we want to repeat that once again. Just remember that employers need their workers to help their company or organisation to develop. And of course, they will always expect you to solve the problems, which company may face and take the right decisions in the crucial situations.

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Being organised

Sometimes you may think that the more creative a person is, the more they are disorganised. But in fact, being organised is a fundamental characteristic of a creative person. New ideas can not come to your mind if it is chaotic. Plus, you cannot do your job well if your mind filled with a lot of stuff.


If you develop your creative thinking skills, you can easily find a good solution to any problem. But no one will know it if you never spread your ideas. You always need a good listener, who can help you in understanding the problem. And as you already know, assuming the problem is the key to success. If you genuinely feel the problem, you can quickly come up with an exceptional solution.

Creativity examples

Learn and develop

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A lot of different jobs expect creative thinking from the workers. All positions are different. Does it mean that creative thinking can be different too? We can say that as a term it is one, but its forms and components may vary. We have already told you what components creativity includes and now we are going to see what tasks you can solve if you have them or if you have developed them.

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For example, there is such a type as artistic creativity. Yes, that depends on talent a lot. But in fact, you can develop it as well. Artistic creativity may be needed for:

  • Composing the plots for a TV or radio commercials
  • Creating packaging design for a product
  • Designing a logo
  • Creating new looks for a fashion line
  • Making advertisements

One more thing is problem-solving. We have mentioned it a few times already. And how can it help you?

  • Finding a way to improve customer service
  • Helping a company to avoid the financial crisis
  • Improving the quality of any goods or services
  • Setting a strategy for a year
  • Increasing the productivity of the company

You can also be creative in the field of STEM, which is science, technology, engineering and math. If you are into any of these fields, add creativity, and you will be able to make significant progress. For example:

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  • Constructing a research model
  • Finding new ways to increase productivity
  • Creating a new computer program to automate some processes
  • Building new mobile apps or social media platforms

As you see, creative thinking is not something extraordinary, and everyone can develop such a skill. So, in case you thought that you do not fit a job where creativity is the primary requirement, forget about that. You can do everything. All you need is only the desire to do something.

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