25 best business ideas in Nigeria 2019

25 best business ideas in Nigeria 2019

Business ideas in Nigeria for start-up entrepreneurs do not have to require so much money to get off the ground. Coming up with these ideas should also not be a tedious process. It is enough to use ready-made solutions and just start working in a particular sphere. Today we offer you business ideas with different types of investments.

25 best business ideas in Nigeria

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Millions of people have used their talent, intellect and imagination to make the world as we know it through our business ideas. Analyse your abilities and skills, and find what you like to do. Maybe the next person to change the world is you!

Business ideas in Nigeria

At first, the idea of opening your own business with minimal investment (or even without it) seems unrealistic. However, there are many examples when people managed to achieve stable profit literally from scratch. These people just implemented their original and cost-effective ideas. We offer you options for those who first of all think about the safety of their savings.

1. Holidays agency

An organisation of the agency of holidays

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Organising your agency for celebrations and events is one of the easiest ways to start your own business. People celebrate and will keep celebrating birthdays, corporate parties and weddings despite crises and other disasters. Your task is to help them arrange a holiday. It is possible to specialise exclusively on children's parties as a children's audience is less demanding, and it is easier to satisfy a child than an adult.

A holidays agency offers services and not products that can be touched, so the primary criterion is professionalism. First, you need to hold about 5-10 events at a high level, after which you will be noticed and recommended to other people. The presence of advertising on the Internet and the media will not be useless, but the advantages of a jungle telegraph should not be neglected and underestimated. Satisfied customers will recommend you to each other, and consequently, your business will become more and more popular gradually.

2. Advertising agency as a business for beginners

Business opportunities in Nigeria

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A small advertising agency may consist of 2-3 people and does not require large investments at the initial stage. All you need is creative ideas for advertising and to have basic proficiency in work with computer design at a decent level. To begin with, the office of an advertising agency can be organised at home. It does not matter where you receive and implement applications from clients. All the initial capital that you have can be fully invested in the promotion of your advertising agency. The very first regular orders will recover the expenditures, and even with interest.

It is better not to save money on the means of production such as a computer, scanner, printer as all the equipment should be up-to-date. It is not necessary to create a full-fledged staff. Now, there are a lot of free artists (freelancers) who will design an advertising layout or create a corporate name for a minimal payment.

At the final stage, the main thing is the search for orders. The most profitable advertising industry is creative: creating original ideas, mottoes, logos, layouts, and banners. You can set the prices for your services yourself. The main indicator of success is the steady increase in the cost of the info product you create and the number of its sales over a period, for example, a month.

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3. Private cosmetologist (hairdresser, makeup artist)

25 best business ideas in Nigeria 2019 - Makeup artist

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It is not necessary to rent a room and open a SPA-salon with expensive equipment and a lot of employees to provide services of a make-up artist, a hairdresser, and skin, nail and body care specialist.

You can do hairstyle or makeup at home. The main thing is that you know how to provide these services with high quality. Many women prefer to use the services of a home (almost personal) hairdresser, and sometimes the cooperation lasts for years. You can even advertise your services through a social network page. Especially popular is Instagram, so, your first customers will recommend you to your friends and acquaintances.

Having built a customer base, you can have a permanent income without exaggeration throughout life. After all, this service is required at regular intervals to your customers. Working at home as a private beauty master you can provide the following services:

  • haircut and hair colouring;
  • manicure;
  • pedicure;
  • wedding hairstyle and makeup;
  • sale of related products (shampoos, gels, varnishes).

Working as a private master, you can become a full-fledged stylist or open your own beauty studio.

4. Footwear repair shop and key making

Footwear repair shop and key making

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There are shoe repair points in many cities, including small ones. If you are not embarrassed to work with your hands and deal with sticking leather or fixing heels, then you can easily arrange such a point in your location. All you need for this is a room of 5 square meters, a pair of shelving, tools and skills in this type of activity. Also, do not forget to officially register as an individual entrepreneur, not to have problems with the authorities.

The business of repairing shoes and making keys is often combined into one point due to the similarity of working conditions. Not everyone always has enough money for a new pair of shoes. In such circumstances, people would rather spend less on new shoes and prefer to repair old ones, if there is such a possibility. If you can and like to work with your hands and want to be your own boss, then this business is for you.

5. Tutoring

Tutoring business

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Good tutors worth their weight in gold for many students and pupils. This private educational business is suitable for professionals in any field. Especially such services are in demand in the period before entering universities.

How can customers find out about you? You can make advertising in the local newspaper or through the Internet. And the best option is to find clients, communicating directly with pupils or students. For example, the majority of teachers in schools earn tutoring students additionally before graduating from school or vice versa, before entering an educational institution when preparing for entrance exams.

An excellent tutor earns good money in an hour. You can work at home or remotely via Skype. In this case, your client market is unlimited.

6. Making crafts at home (hand-made)

Making crafts at home (hand-made)

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If you know how to make dolls, funny animals, wood products that will be appreciated by children and not only, you can organise a hand-made home-based business and sell your products through a specialised website on the Internet. Hundreds of people are already engaged in this activity and make a profit. Exclusive products have its value and will always be highly appreciated, and if you are passionate to the creation of handicrafts at home, you can earn reasonable money and at the same time teach other people this craft for the money.

7. Opening home web-stud

Opening home web-studio

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The latest Internet technologies will bring a steady income if properly used. Do you have experience in creating websites, Internet applications, or do you know how to promote online resources in search engines competently? If yes, then you should establish your own web-studio.

The demand of the population in creating their own Internet sites is continuously growing. So why not take advantage of this demand? Having opened your web-studio, you will work exclusively for yourself and, moreover, do your favourite work. Starting this home-based business, you can expand the enterprise eventually and become the head of your IT company, and you can hire freelancers or staff members to create websites, online stores and selling pages.

8. An opening of the dining room

25 best business ideas in Nigeria 2019 - Open a dining room

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This business idea is relevant not only in 2019 but at all times. The development of catering establishments will be a great business idea in small towns. The opening of the dining room, where food is served tasty as at home, will help to resolve this issue for the benefit of an owner and customers. It is not necessary to open a large dining room for 50-100 seats at once. Five cosy places will be enough for a start.

The main thing is to keep the brand and cook tasty. This kind of business is called as self-employment. Renting a room and purchasing products will be enough on the first stage. Analysts believe that this segment of the market in small cities is very profitable, especially if you have reliable staff and thoughtful service.

A lot of people always want to eat tasty food at a reasonable price. They do not prefer to go shopping in the hope of a quick bite to eat something edible. Such a business idea will be in demand both in large cities and small towns, where popular catering chains are practically not represented. It will reduce your competition.

9. Creating a revenue site on the Internet

Opportunities in Nigeria

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It is one of the most profitable and promising business ideas, the relevance of which will only grow in the coming years. Having an own website is an excellent opportunity to get a steady income automatically. If your network resource is popular and well promoted in search engines, then, you can have a stable and very considerable profit merely placing contextual advertising and banners on it. If you are really passionate about information technology, then creating your website (blog) can be both an additional source of income and a major source of income for you. Your site will simultaneously solve several problems for you:

  • Build a personal brand and expert status in a niche;
  • Make your profit regularly like a shop, cafe or other offline business;
  • Motivate you to discover, develop and learn new things;
  • Develop skills in different areas: copywriting, management, marketing, negotiating (when working with advertisers).

10. Homemade baking

Homemade baking

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Today, both in a large metropolis and provincial town, women do not have enough time to bake their favourite sweets such as cakes, pies, homemade cookies. Time and forces are always not enough before the family holiday, especially for making the birthday cake. You can bake all these sweets and sell them. To promote your small, business you can use social media and good recommendations from satisfied clients.

11. Furniture assemblage at home

Furniture assemblage at home

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Providing services for the assemblage of furniture at home do not require huge start-up capital. To start a business, you need to purchase tools (hammer, screwdriver, drill, nails, screwdrivers, glue, etc.) and do self-promotion. Since the assembly of furniture is physically laborious, it is necessary to find a few like-minded people. These can be your acquaintances or friends. You can start this type of business alone or enlist the support of your family.

In essence, any business needs to be developed gradually. There will be its own difficulties and problems, first defeats and confident victories. As it grows, the flow of customers will increase, respectively, you will have to find new employees and a separate office.

12. Vending business

Vending business

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If you are looking for innovative ideas for small businesses, then this is a bright representative. Vending is a business based on special trading devices that allow you to organise sales without a seller. Of course, this type of business is impossible without initial investments, but in the future, they will be more than repaid.

What is required:

  • Equipment;
  • Products;
  • Electric power supply point;
  • The place for installation.

Of course, you need to have the status of the individual entrepreneur, to conclude an installation contract, to resolve the issue of maintenance and possible repairs, if any measures are required. The service includes the following tasks:

  • Filling the apparatus with products;
  • Collection of money;
  • Control of the availability of change and so on.

So you can start selling chips, water, coffee, crackers and more in the very near future.

13. Delivery service

Delivery service

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Courier service is considered an ideal home business. To start one, it is enough to have a mobile phone and a map of the city. You can move by public transport or your car. Customers can be sought both among individuals and corporate clients.

As a rule, the primary source of income is online shopping, which gives the delivery of goods to outsourcing. You can serve a specific territory, which includes the region, city or district. Delivery time is usually limited, so you need to think in advance about the shortest route. In general, excellent knowledge of the town is the primary requirement in this business. Payment for services depends on many factors and can vary.

14. One price sale shop

One price sale shop

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It is about retail. Quite an interesting idea that allows not only to draw attention to the business but also to become rich.

To do this, you need to rent a room, register as an individual entrepreneur, establish contacts with suppliers, purchase equipment, goods and set a fixed price. Here you can play on people's love to save money. You will be able to set a really low price, but sell cheaper goods for it, which will allow you to recoup the investment in the idea.

15. Delivery of ready dinners

Delivery of ready dinners

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If you have culinary skills and are looking for a business idea, then delivery of prepared meals is what you need. There are no difficulties in this because you need to cook regular homemade food. The essence of the business itself will be the preparation of hot food and its quick delivery at the place of order. Such a business pays off quickly and brings substantial profits.

For start-ups, this is an opportunity to enter the fascinating world of business immediately. All you need is disposable appliances, thermoses and products from which you will prepare food for export. To deliver meals, you can use your car or hire a courier service.

16. Soap making

Soap making

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Such a natural product is increasingly conquering the market because, in addition to cleaning the skin, it also helps to solve other issues, such as moisturising, reducing irritation, fighting cellulite, and the like. It is not difficult to learn how to make soap. Special certificates are not required for this business.

17. Psychological services

Psychological services

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Psychologists always say that the root of all problems lies in us; they just need to be found and removed. Clients should be provided with guarantees of complete confidentiality and compliance with ethical standards.

Of course, it is impossible to start such a business without a specialised education. You can finish a course in psychology first. In the future, you can earn an individual or group counselling.

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18. Breeding and sale of animals

Breeding and sale of animals

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If you are the owner of a private house and love the fauna, you can start breeding animals for sale. First, you need to decide what kind of animals you will breed namely guinea pigs, dogs, cats, newts, hamsters. The primary criterion is the presence of a market for sale. By the way, pedigreed dogs and cats can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars.

Organising a home nursery as a business is a good idea to start in a small town or even a village.

If you look wider and get the appropriate education and documents, your business can grow into a veterinary clinic and at least you can open a store selling pet food and related products for pets.

19. Photography

Photographer business

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To get started, you need to purchase high-quality equipment and deal with its functions. You can work with semi-professional equipment. The main thing is to take photos from the right perspective and be able to process images in special programs. It is difficult to image major celebrations without the services of a photographer.

The work of photographers needs advertising agencies and print media for the design of magazines and websites. The best advertising services of a photographer will be positive reviews of friends and clients. However, at the initial stage, the purchase of advertising will not be superfluous.

20. Paper tissue business

Paper tissue business

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Convenient and practical disposable towels are used everywhere today. Such products can greatly facilitate life, so those who plan to open their own business should consider the idea of ​​starting the production of paper towels. For a promising start, you need to find a suitable workshop with an area of ​​at least 250 square meters and equip it with specialised equipment. Automated production lines, for the most part, are of Chinese origin.

The cost of the equipment depends on its performance. The production technology is rather primitive. All processes are automated, so a small enterprise can do with a minimum number of employees, but with the expectation that the production can be done around the clock.

21. Filming and editing videos

Filming and editing videos

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People often want to videotape significant events in their lives such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, etc. In order to get started, you need a good camera, a tripod, a computer, and a special editing program. Having trained, you will be able to make quite complex and beautiful videos at home with minimal investments after 2-3 weeks.

22. Water delivery

Water delivery

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In most cities, tap water can be harmful. Service for the delivery of water will help to solve this problem.

23. Tourist agency

Tourist agency

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Planning tours is another business option. You can establish an organisation of excursion and tourist tours both in Nigeria and abroad. It can be cycling, photo tourism, a love journey or fishing tour, travel to famous places, etc.

24. Providing accounting and legal services

Providing accounting and legal services

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The essence of the business in the provision of legal and accounting services to individuals and legal entities. Private counselling should be professional. It does not seem necessary to have an office.

The entire workflow can be organised at home. Primary responsibilities are the following: consulting, remote accounting, preparation of reports, documents, control of the payment of all tax obligations. You can run several companies simultaneously.

25. Commission shop

Commission shop

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Second-Hand clothing is in high demand, and not only in times of crisis. The current income level of the majority of the population is such that it is impossible to buy branded clothes. And then high-quality clothing from a commission shop at stock prices will be the way out but for someone even salvation. This business is quite profitable and relevant; besides, it does not require significant initial investments.

Any business needs to be organised gradually. There will be difficulties and problems, first defeats and confident victories. But then the flow of customers will increase.

Those were the best possible business ideas in Nigeria. In fact, there are much more legendary business ideas that cab chang the world. Perhaps you have an original project that will allow you to make money more productively and simpler than those described in the article. As they say, just do it!

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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