OPINION: Corruption is a gift to Nigeria by Dami Odusanya

OPINION: Corruption is a gift to Nigeria by Dami Odusanya

Editor's note: Public affairs analyst, Dami Odusanya, writes on the effects of corruption in Nigeria, suggesting ways by which the country can overcome what has now been a scourge and hinders development over the years.

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Corruption is a curse in Nigeria because one way or the other, we are all involved if we are going by the definition. Most Nigerians are guilty of this crime in one way or the other.

As much as corruption is a curse, it can also be a gift if carefully managed. However it can only be eradicated if it’s well managed by creating a system of discipline that works in every sector and areas of human lives.

In the case of Nigeria, because it is a norm and embedded in our being, it has to be used in a way that can only be beneficial to the country. A lot of people have been able to get away with corruption because the system allows it and so the moral aspect is their only crime.

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Corruption in Nigeria can only be solved if you carefully identify the loopholes in the system, try to block and put in place effective systems that are transparent in all sectors. This is so when such acts are about to be done, it can be easily perceived. Without carrying out these effective measures, the battle can never be won, battled successfully and effectively.

In the case of Nigeria, we must use corruption to build back our nation because we are lacking behind in infrastructure, technology and every modern development known to man.

In order to use corruption as a gift, you have to let bygones be bygones meaning people who are guilty of corruption should be allowed to get away with their offences and must be forgiven.

I know it’s funny to say past corrupt practices must be forgiven but if we can’t forgive these practices, it will be difficult for the country to move forward. This will mean a continuous battle for anyone in power by means of battling their opponents and enemies. This in turn makes it difficult to move forward rapidly which is what Nigeria urgently needs.

So therefore, if corrupt practices are forgiven then corruption can be a gift in which the nation can benefit from in ways like infrastructure, employment etc. The main focus will then be on “perception shift” which Nigeria as a nation needs in all aspects of the country.

However, we battle so many differences as a nation in religion, ethnic differences, gender etc, as individuals, we need to change our frame of mind.

Corruption as a gift means the government needs to provide the avenues or opportunities for investment and watch individuals project their past corrupt practices into the country.

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All the government needs to do is build rails and let individuals invest in trains and tram-trains which will take away some burden from the government. All the government needs to do to make this work is to get tax percentage from the sector and their illustration can be used for most if not all the sectors.

To get the best out of corruption, 39% of past corrupt funds can be reinvented into the economy. For example, I don’t know any county that will reject a $1billion investment from individuals annually into the economy.

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