Ugandan rich man shares his love story, says wife had access to his bank accounts for 60 years

Ugandan rich man shares his love story, says wife had access to his bank accounts for 60 years

- Ugandan billionaire has shared his love story and the secret to his 60 year marriage

- The billionaire had revealed that his wife had access to his accounts

- Martin Aliker revealed that the secret to their beautiful marriage is to not keep secrets

A Ugandan businessman, Martin Aliker, and his wife, Camille, are sharing their love story with the world. The couple who have been married for 60 years revealed that they do not keep secrets from each other.

The Ugandan billionaire and his wife have showed that they were both responsible for each others growth and successes.

Aliker, who had clocked 90 years old on October 21, recently celebrated 60 years wedding anniversary to his better half, Camille, in his home in Gulu Town.


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According to the billionaire, one of the reasons his marriage has stayed blissful is because he shares his financial details with Camille, he also added that they don't keep secrets from each other.

He said: “Our finances are one and the same. We have no secret accounts. Camille can withdraw money from the bank and all of it. If for 60 years she has not withdrawn all of it, I do not think she will.”

During the interview, the couple also talked about how they met. They revealed that Camille's family did not support their union. Her brothers had been skeptical about Camille coming to Africa.

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“I have often asked Camille why she married me because at that time, Africa was the Dark Continent and a number of people did not want to be associated with Africa. Camille had many suitors in Chicago and beyond, but she chose to come to Gulu."

Camille also revealed that she had been frightened coming to Uganda, adding that her father-in-law who was a chief had thrown her a big party.

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"I arrived in Gulu as a big-eyed scared girl. I came on a flat boat made of bamboo. My father-in-law had a huge gathering to meet me. I was frightened to death but I did not show it. One of Martin’s sisters made it her business to check on me every 10 minutes. She would look at me, smile and run away.”

The woman also gushed about her 90-year-old husband. She noted that many men need to learn from her husband.

Camille said: "It has not always been rosy but when you put God first in your marriage, you can succeed. Young people ask me what the secret to a lasting marriage is."

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Aliker, who also narrated an incident that made his wife angry with him, shared some secrets about blissful marriage.

“A friend told me, in order to get this marriage going I have to treat it like a warfare. You have to expect that the is enemy going to strike today."

He said: "I was a university chancellor and after I made a speech, a female minister said, ‘you people do not know what Martin and I mean to each other.’ She went on to narrate how we had a long history of friendship. I had never seen that lady before and she was not even born when I was a student at Makerere. When the function ended, sergeant major (referring to his wife) gave me the silent treatment until we arrived home and then said, ‘I did not know you and the minister were friends.’ To cut the long story short, you never know from which direction death is coming for you.”

"On the positive side, I have been very happy. I have a woman who is understanding, believes in me and we have done many things together. I think she thinks about her hair more than she thinks about me. My mother’s temperament was similar to my wife - slightly mad."

It was gathered that the couple had talked about their marriage during their thanksgiving service led by Northern Uganda Bishop Johnson Gakumba.

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