Nigerian man narrates how the acrobatic stunt he did on election day ended up in disaster

Nigerian man narrates how the acrobatic stunt he did on election day ended up in disaster

A Nigerian man recently took to his Facebook page to thrill many to a story that is both hilarious and a vivid portrayal of a personal tragedy. The said individual took to narrating how he had been publicly disgraced amongst familiar faces all in the name of bragging about his ability.

According to the man identified as Ezinwa Nlewedim, his wife had earlier complained about his weight gain and how he was adding more flesh in undesired parts. Due to too much pressure coming from her, he decided to lose the weight by going to the gym regularly.

This was good in itself because, at the gym, Ezinwa learned a lot of minor acrobatic skills within the space of three months. Within that period, he could do these simple tricks. On election day, after having discussed quite a lot with the neighbours, he was persuaded to do one of the acrobatic stunts he had learned.

His wife advised him against this but he did not listen. With the aim of impressing his neighbours (especially the young ladies), he decided to do the stunt. His wife handed him a loose sportwear, and with that, he performed the action.

Nigerian man narrates how the acrobatic stunt he did on election day ended up in disaster

Ezinwa Nlewedim Source: Ezinwa Nlewedim/Facebook
Source: Facebook

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With his hands on the ground and his legs in the sky, Ezinwa expected that his neighbours will be wild with applause. Little did he know that they had shifted attention from him to something else. It was when the wind blew in an unusual direction that he knew.

See his full post below:

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"I haff tire 4 dis life! My wife will always complain.."Ezinwa start doing gymnastics and playing football" yen yen yen, I'm not OK with the weight ure adding, in fact I don't love you as the matter done tire me reach, I went and registered at a gym class. Just 3months later I have perfected so many minor acrobatic movement and because of that no place dey enter me again..Everybody for area Don know me as Baba gymnastics..But something happened yesterday!

"Do u know that moment when u suddenly change from an hero To zero,that's my story yesterday. Since I started gymnastics class I have become very flexible, so in our compound yesterday since it was election day everybody was at home and d argument of flexibility amongst us started.

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"Everyone knows I could do dis acrobatic posture dat I walk wit my hands and my legs will be hanging above my head. Everyone begged me to come and do it for the whole yard except my wife who was terribly against it... But nnah mehn I thought about it as an opportunity to impress all the young babes in my compound that use to gossip me and my wife but Unfortunately for me I was given one oversize sportwear by my wife and I forgot I that I was not wearing any underwear, as I got into my my acrobatic Ogbunigwe chuck out from one side of my nika and was waving hello to everyone..Chaii ah haff died!!!...

"For my mind I was expecting claps and cheers, instead it was dead silence and long stretch of Chisos!!! Immediately an uncommon breeze touch my Agumba and that was when I realized that my village people haff come down to me in likeness of compound people..Ewooo!!! What haff I don to myself? My wife did her best to distract everyone but d deed was done. I felt like dying yesterday! I can't even come outside again... Shame still dey catch me."

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Many Nigerians could not help but laugh their hearts out at this hilarious story. Many reactions followed this post. See a number of them below:

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