US-based Liberian woman reveals how she dealt with her cheating Nigerian husband

US-based Liberian woman reveals how she dealt with her cheating Nigerian husband

- A US-based Liberian woman has revealed how she punished her cheating Nigerian husband

- Her husband travelled to Nigeria for two months to meet with a mistress thinking his wife was unaware

- In his absence she moved out of their big house, kept their properties in storage and rented their home out for N461,078 per month for a whole year

- Her husband returned, discovered he had no access to the house and his wife revealed what she had done as she advised him to change or forget the marriage

Cheating in marriages has become very common and many would wonder why it has become easy to go against sacred marriage vows.

Nigerian men in particular have built a reputation for being philanderers and women have run out of ways to punish them. However, a Liberian woman who was faced with a similar situation has taken to social media to share her story.

The US-based woman has explained in a now viral video how her Nigerian husband cheated on her and how she was able to give him an unforgettable punishment.

The mother of three revealed that she has been married to him for eight years and he has cheated on her a couple of times. The woman also added that she had set up her husband and her children’s phones in a way that would make her aware of his activities seeing as he is not as tech-savvy as she is.

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US-based Liberian woman reveals how she dealt with her cheating Nigerian husband

The cheated woman recounting her experience Photo: Youtube
Source: UGC

The wife explained that she noticed her husband had been talking with a Nigerian woman and they made plans on what they would do and where to meet when he eventually goes to Nigeria.

Eventually her husband made known his plans to travel to Nigeria under the guise of spending some time with his family. His wife acted like she was unaware of his true plans because she believes one cannot stop an adult from doing what they really want to do.

After her husband’s departure, the woman carried out her plan. She moved out of their big house, kept their properties in storage, cleaned up the house and put it up for rent at $1,275 (N461,078) per month.

The woman added that she rented a smaller apartment for herself and the kids.

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Her husband finally returned after two months and noticed that he could not gain access to their house. She told him what she had done and that the house would stay rented for one year till he changes his philandering ways.

The woman also added that if after a year he decided they should not continue with the marriage, then she would sell the house.

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See the full video below:

Nawa o. Many on social media have applauded this woman as a hero while some men think her actions are wrong.

Meanwhile previously reported that an angry wife invited her husband's side chic to the house and beat her mercilessly with a belt.

According to reports, the wife has been suspecting her husband of having another woman in his life but got confirmation after he forgot his phone at home.

The wife seized the opportunity to send a text message to her husband’s mistress. She pretended to be her husband as she invited the lady to come so they could get down. The message reads: “My stupid wife is not home, come over and let’s make some sweet love.”

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