How to answer the 'tell me about yourself' (samples included)?

How to answer the 'tell me about yourself' (samples included)?

"Tell me something about yourself," is the most likely question you may hear at any job interview. The question sounds simple, but actually, it is not so easy to answer. To help you with this task, we have prepared a set of samples and tips. Find out how to answer it correctly.

Tell me about yourself

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Suppose you get the invitation to a long time awaited job interview. In most cases 'Tell me something about yourself' — is the first question at any job interview and your task is to make a positive impression not only as a good specialist but also as an interesting person.

Rules of the correct answer on tell me about yourself in interview

Actually, tell me about yourself answer partially can be found in your resume, but employers want to hear the answer exactly from you. Tell me about yourself interview question sounds simple, but despite this simplicity, sometimes the applicants don’t know how to answer. They think for example: 'should I tell about my red university diploma, or about my postcards collection?'

In fact, a story about yourself is a form of acquaintance between you and the employer. The main idea - you should know what the employer wants to hear when he or she asks you such a question.

There are two main rules:

  • Tell only the facts that can be interesting for the employer
  • You should not tell the whole story of your life
Tell me about yourself in interview

Source: UGC

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First of all, tell about your knowledge and skills. Tell about the main points of your career, and achievements valuable to you.

Tell me something about yourself - success answer tips

Now you know the main rules, but we also have some more tips for you:

Think over your story in advance

It is better to get ready for this question than rapidly think what to answer at the interview.

Start with the main thing

In this case, a long lyrical introduction, is not the best idea. Make it clear to the employer that you know how to highlight the main things and show your careful approach to important questions.

Tell a vivid story

Such story about yourself should illustrate your successes. Your goal is to fulfil the employer’s request and to stand out among other candidates.

Tell about your latest workplace

Tell about the held position and completed tasks. It is also important to tell about your achievements.

Tell why you need this job

It is a good idea to mention your desire to grow as a professional, to work at a new level.

Tell me something about yourself

Source: UGC

Don’t speak too long

Note that 2 or 3 minutes is more than enough.

Adjust your answer

It is better to correct your answer according to the specification of employer's company. The idea is to find out more about the company that invited you to the interview. If your work requires some non-standard and creative approach from you, then, try to avoid any cliché and standard sets of phrases, you can even add some kind of jokes.

If you are applying for a position that requires thoroughness and analytical skills, it is better to make your story restrained, concise and logical. In any case, be friendly and benevolent.

Tell about yourself – wrong answer examples

You should know about possible mistakes, to avoid them. There are several phrases that are extremely harmful to your answer:

  • 'I often have family problems'
  • 'My children are often sick,' or 'I have a lot of health problems'
  • 'My previous work was just a nightmare for me'
  • 'In fact, I just could not work together with the team at previous work'
  • 'I can not work in one workplace for a long time'
How to answer the 'tell me about yourself'

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The most incorrect answer in this situation is: 'What would you like to know?' This is the first signal to the employer that you did not prepare for the interview or did it carelessly.

Top tell me about yourself sample answers

As usual, the example is the best explanation, so here are several samples from You can also find samples of how to answer "Tell me about yourself" at And one more page with good examples -

These are our examples and tips on how to answer tell me about yourself question. Remember that it is highly important to introduce yourself as a good professional, a person who knows what to do in the proposed workplace. If you talk about your personal qualities, talk about them in the context of your work. Be professional even in answering simple questions.

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