Latest Zoro songs 2018-2019

Latest Zoro songs 2018-2019

Zoro songs will take you to the 90s when good rap was on top of popularity. Even though he is too young, this rapper is now poised to become the new music star worldwide. Listen to his songs and you will understand us. Zoro's creative work is a real masterpiece.

Talented Zoro

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When we talk about rap, the name of the promising Nigerian musician Zoro is one of those we recall immediately. He continues to put his heart and soul into every song. Just read his lyrics, and you will be in tune with him.

Latest Zoro songs

In 2018, the musician pleased us with a large number of high-quality sound. We have gathered for you the top rapper songs that will come to taste even to the pop lovers. His creative work consists not only of rap but also Afrobeat, which is combined with motives of folk music.

"Upandan" by Zoro (feat. Mr. Real)

This is absolutely the best cooperation of two rappers ever. There are perfect video and sound work, which are combining in the exciting short movie. When you watch this video clip, you see the bright flashes of Nigerian city and people who live there. It is a challenge for American and European music industry at all.

Here are the links where you can download this wonderful track:

“Halleluyah” by Zoro

Our promising musician knows how to create wonderful sounds very well. Zoro’s song Halleluyah is an excellent example for it. This combination of contemporary flows and traditional Afrobeat will bring you unbelievable emotions. When you listen to this song, there is no other option but feeling relaxed and delighted.

If you wish to download the songs then just follow the links:

“Stainless” by Zoro (feat. Simi)

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This composition is stainless indeed. Simi and Zoro did everything to make this song perfect and fantastic for their cherished fans. The artists’ vibes have synchronised into a unified tune, as they match each other so good. The lyrics of the song is another vision of how love can be expressed without sophisticated words and thoughts. There are simple statements that make you understand that you have a corner in someone’s heart.

Baby you blowing my mind eh yo

Baby imara mma

Idiro mma ibara mba

Baby you one of a kind oh

I give you love

You give me more

Oh baby this is one thing to le che funmi

Forever more

You are the only one na

Stay ka wa ti, make you gbe fu mi.

Following the links below you can download this song:

"Oyoko" by Zoro (feat. Chidinma)

When you listen to this song, you immediately enter the mood of celebration and happiness. Throughout the video, the rapper and his beautiful companion Chidinma seem to gather for the ceremony of getting married. Bridesmaids preen her before the upcoming celebration, and the groom, in turn, spends time with his friends and discusses future marriage. The light melody of African pop music fascinates the listener not only with pleasing elements, but also with the simple, understood, but at the same time deep meaning.

“One On One” by Zoro

This track is a classic representative of good old rap and hip hop combination. Nevertheless, it is not typical at all as Zoro is an indigenous performer and uses the Igbo language as the primary one for his creative works. He is like young 50 Cent here, so powerful and self-confident. When you watch this video, you immediately pay special attention to the rapper`s details such as the luxury car, golden jewellery, etc. All this combining with juicy beats looks astonished.

Check out these links to download "One On One" by Zoro:

"Mbada" by Zoro

This track closes the list of the latest and trending Zoro songs. The composition is made in the best rapper traditions, as well as the video clip. The melody is pleasant, but at the same time powerful.

Download the song here:

When you listen to Zoro songs, you can reasonably conclude that the artist is still in search of his unique music style. For the present day, it is something fusion, but who has said that this is bad? Such a variety makes him captivating and interesting for listeners as you are always wondering what will be there to surprise you, creating pleasant suspense.

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