Latest Yemi Alade songs 2018-2019

Latest Yemi Alade songs 2018-2019

Yemi Alade songs are the Nigerian treasure of Afro-pop music. They are so unique that it is impossible to mistake them for any other tracks. When you listen to one of them, you will understand what we are talking about. Make yourself comfortable because we have prepared for you something inspiring: a list of her latest and best compositions.

Yemi Alade

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This musician is famous not only because of her incredible beauty but mostly because of her singing skills. Her voice is something that you cannot forget. It is so sweet and soft that covers you with invisible heat.

New Yemi Alade songs

We want to present you Yemi Alade latest music. It is worth your attention. The young singer does her best to create music of high quality. Every song of this talented woman blows charts and various rankings. She is an example of how pop music should be created.

Show Me What You Got

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This song was realised recently on the 24th of February but had a lot of accolades and positive comments on the Internet. Listening to it, you will feel only happiness and bright emotions just like the promo photo of this video. Smooth beat and easy lyrics are filled with a deep sense and at the same time with the simplicity of words. It is hard not to start dancing or even moving when you hear this track. Cooperation with Harmonize made this track more vivid and memorable. "Show Me What You Got" has all chances to become a new music bomb.

Melanin (Remix)

It is another cooperation with a famous musician. This time it is Afro B. Everyone feels native motifs of Afrobeat from the first accord. There is no official video, but the existing one is also excellent. Minimalism is popular now. Try to listen between the lines and you will understand the hidden meaning of this new song.

Number One

Another hit by Yemi Alade is a single called Number One. Listening to this track, no one could resist moving one’s leg to the beat. This pop composition creates a relaxing atmosphere, evoking images of sunny beaches and palms in your mind. If you are thinking of them involuntary while listening to the song, then you are on the same page with this incredible singer.

If you have not listened to the Number One yet, then we urge you to do this right now! Just click play and chill.

How I Feel

The song How I Feel by Yemi Alade will definitely take you to some distant corners of your subconscious where you can feel relaxed and tranquil. The lyrics of the composition, being so light and simple, translate the feeling of the song’s persona about one of the most complicated things in the world — love. Delightful music of this track can become a real remedy when you are gloomy. Listening to it, you will not even notice how your mood swings back to normal.

Open, Close

Well, enough for relaxation. It is high time to dance! And we have an incredible alternative for you; this is Open, Close composition by Yemi Alade. This single, released in late 2018, will make you want to take your body off the chair and move to lively and energetic sounds of the track. And it is of no surprise as Yemi Alade is a queen of Afro-pop music and she knows for sure that such style is meant to make people dance. So, listen to it and try to sit still if you can!

Oh My Gosh

This single by Yemi Alade can be considered as a unique one. It will amaze you one way or another. If listening to the Oh My Gosh song, you will feel confused, not knowing what to do — dance or chill — do not worry. It is okay. Just accept the fact that this composition is perfect for both. Such a cunning trick, Yemi! Anyway, the song is gorgeous. Shame on you if you have not listened to it yet. Fortunately for you, today we will help you to improve this horrible mistake. So, just click play and enjoy.


If you are a lover of rousing songs, that make you feel high and felicitous, then the Issokay song by Yemi Alade is just what you are looking for. Perfectly combined rhythmic beat and lyrics make this composition awesome. And the fantastic dance, which we can see in the music video, inspires you to stand up and dance, following Yemi’s moves. That is, watching the video clip and listening to the song is the must for everyone.


Try not to smile listening to this song or watching the video. The last one is especially cute and funny. Excellent lyrics combine with music so good that you cannot imagine another variant. We really do not understand how Yemi achieves such success, but almost everyone wants to move from the first sound.

We hope that soon, fans of this amazing woman will hear new masterpieces from the artist. If you do not listen to Alade`s tracks, you should start doing so immediately after reading this article. They are worth your attention, believe us. Here is a new challenge for you, it is called the "Try not to move to Yemi Alade songs" challenge. I am pretty sure that you will not manage it.

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