Bill Clinton black son: does he exist?

Bill Clinton black son: does he exist?

Scandalous rumours are an inevitable part of every politician’s life. The story about Bill Clinton black son has been circulating the media for more than two decades already. The following article looks into the matter in order to provide you with the most up-to-date data on the issue.

Bill Clinton black son
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Since the first rumours, the story about an illegitimate son of Clinton has surfaced the media several times. The former President has been cornered with questions on the matter on several occasions; however, he denied everything each time. So, what is all the fuss about?

How the story about Bill Clinton black son begins

In 1992, just as Bill Clinton was preparing for a presidential campaign, the world first heard the story about his supposed love child, Danney Williams. Bobbie Ann Williams, the mother of the boy, revealed a melodramatic story to The Globe magazine. She told everything about her money-based relationship with the ex-president, which played out in 1984.

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When in 1985 Bobbie gave birth to a boy with a light complexion. Being an African-American, the woman figured out that the only candidate for being a father of the child was Bill Clinton, as he was the only white man she had physical contacts with at the supposed time of conception. Not wasting any time, Bobby and her sister repeatedly informed the man about his baby. However, he denied having sired a child and cut Bobby and her family off.

The story does not end on this. It arose again in 1999 with rumours that a comparative DNA analysis was conducted by Star magazine to prove that Danney Williams was (or was not) Bill Clinton’s black son. The results of the test could have ended all discussions on the matter.

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Paternity test: the end of the story?

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Bill Clinton's son
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As the former president refused to provide his DNA samples for a paternity test, Clinton’s genetic fingerprint from the FBI lab report was used to conduct the DNA analysis. DNA samples of Bobbie and Danney Williams were also used in the test.

To everyone’s surprise, the results of the test were negative, meaning that Bill Clinton was not a blood relative to Danney Williams. While the world was digesting the news, Slate released an article where the credibility of the DNA analysis was debated. It claimed that DNA fingerprint of the former president provided by FBI contained insufficient information to be 100% sure about the DNA analysis results.

…a positive test would mean that President Clinton is only 20 to 30 times more likely than a random Caucasian male to be Danney Williams’ father. This would be suggestive but not conclusive.

Therefore, this DNA test was not able to end the story. New attempts at verifying the paternity of Danney were not conducted, either.

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Happily ever after?

After the story with negative DNA analysis, everyone seemed to forget about Danney Williams and his supposed biological father. It was not until 2017 when Danney congratulated Bill Clinton on Father’s Day via Twitter that the world started paying attention again. Since that time, Danney Williams Twitter account gathered over 73,000 followers. It is clear that the man still believes that the former president of the US is his father.

Being a public figure and a politician has never made life easy, especially when other members of your family are also politically active. This is especially true in the case of Bill Clinton. If he were a common citizen of the US, most likely, there would have been no story about Bill Clinton black son to be discussed.

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