Latest Brymo songs 2018-2019

Latest Brymo songs 2018-2019

It has been twenty years since Brymo songs first saw the world. That is why it would be a great idea to celebrate the somewhat 'anniversary' of his music career by taking a look at Brymo's latest tracks in 2018-2019.

Latest Brymo songs 2018-2019
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Famous Nigeria folk singer Brymo, who is also known as Olawale Ashimi or Olawale Olofo'ro, knows how to make people love his music. Each of his songs has a special charm and awakens something beautiful in the soul of everyone who listens to them.

Brymo songs released in 2018

In the early spring of the year 2018, the artist has brought a real rejoice to his fans with his new album. We assume the scope of happiness is hard to imagine as the musician had quite a significant pause since 2016. But the time spent on waiting was worth it. That is, Brymo latest album called Oṣó is absolutely fantastic.

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The album itself can be described as 38 minutes of pure pleasure without the slightest exaggeration. Brymo album includes eleven incredible tracks:

  1. No Be Me
  2. Mama
  3. Heya!
  4. Patience and Goodluck
  5. God is in Your Mind
  6. Time is so Kind
  7. Entropy
  8. Money Launderers and Heart Breakers
  9. Ọlánrewájú
  10. Olúmọ
  11. Bá’núsọ

This album is a combination of simple instrumental music and lyrics which are stating simple truths of the world. Although they are so unsophisticated in every aspect, these songs are still very beautiful and meaningful, complimenting each other and creating a marvellous product for the listeners. The musician has designed it this way, and he made it fantastically indeed.

"Heya!" by Brymo

It will be quite reasonable to start with the latest Brymo song Heya!, which became the first single from this album. Although the music video, which was posted right away after the release of the album, has caused a lot of contradictions, no one dares to claim that the track itself may be flawed. Magical piano music, lyrics, bringing everyone the sense of life and opening eyes to the real values of the humankind, are key elements of the song's success.

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Believes us, once you listen to it, you will love the song to the rest of your life. And let this moment visit you right now. Just click the play button and soak the incredible energy of this composition, like trees soak the sun.

"No Be Me" by Brymo

The next composition from Brymo latest album that is going to win your heart today is called No Be Me. This song is another example of how simple things cannot be described in modest words and go beyond extraordinary at the same time. It sounds so bizarre, but there are no other units of language to explain the way this song touches your feelings when you listen to it.

Just listen to the song, and you will understand everything. The name of the album means "wizard", and it is so reasonable, as magician only could create such a piece of beautiful music.

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"Entropy" by Brymo

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This wonderful love song will definitely touch your heart and soul. Each chord and each word of the composition, which is called Entropy, makes you feel an emotion and sympathise the character of the song. You have a heart of stone if you can stay indifferent to this. Every single empty heart will be overwhelmed after he or she has listened to the Entropy. Despite the title mean a total mess, the song itself brings serenity and tranquillity to your mind.

Well, we think that your spark is already burning and you are determined to listen to the whole album to enjoy the rest of the compositions. If we are right, then our mission is done. All we can do for you now is give you some useful link to download Brymo songs on your device:

  • Download Brymo album Oṣó on Apple Music
  • Download Brymo album Oṣó on Amazon
  • Download Brymo album Oṣó on Spotify

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Are you still hesitating and have doubts if this album is genius? The Internet as an environment is the community of genuine people as there is no need to lie here. Read below the public's impression of the musician's art is:

Beautiful, as always! BRYMO, a treasure that can't be measured... More of God's unending grace, Man!... (@adedejiadeoti.oludamilola via Facebook)
I almost cry when I first heard the olanrewaju track thanks boss (@bolaji.olaoye.35 via Facebook)
Olarenwaju...... My best on the album.... Patience and goodluck, them dey close, like hair and skin...... Oh Brymo, you are inspiration! (@100001171448177 via Facebook)
I must thank you for this one got me going all last year...more blessing brother that understand. (@david.houndegamme via Facebook)

Your album forever remains immortal. Thanks for the insight and wise words you spread through your music (@shades_of_greg via Instagram)
Brymo musically blessed u r. Listening to u gives me a feeling I will never be able to explain. Shine on champ.. (@tehmioluwa via Instagram)

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One of the few albums that you can listen to and not have need for the “next” button (@fiziedeen via Instagram)

These are just a few comments of people who have already listened to the album and got inspired. There are really hundreds of wonderful and praising words on different social media. And we bet you will be one of these people who are sincerely grateful to this artist for his songs.

"Let Us Be Great" by Brymo

Although the musician has not delighted his fans with a new album in 2019 yet, the single Let Us Be Great, released on the 23rd of July in 2018 means only one thing – the forthcoming album is going to tear our hearts apart. In keeping with the best traditions of Brymo's music style, the song conquers listeners from the first accord. It is already considered to be the song that will stay on top for a very long time.

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You can download this masterpiece following the links below:

  • Download Let Us Be Great by Brymo on Apple Music
  • Download Let Us Be Great by Brymo on Amazon
  • Download Let Us Be Great by Brymo on Spotify

By the way, you can listen to all the Brymo latest songs on Soundcloud. Enjoy!

And, that is it. We hope that the latest Brymo songs you have listened to today have not left you indifferent. Actually, such an outcome is impossible as this artist knows what he does and for whom. Brymo creates his music for his precious fans with all his heart. And obviously, this is the reason why Brymo songs are so beautiful and captivating.

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