Best Shola Allyson songs about worship and praise

Best Shola Allyson songs about worship and praise

Shola Allyson songs are a unique phenomenon in the Nigerian music industry. Her sweet and emotional voice penetrates hearts and heals souls. If you, by any chance, have missed listening to this fascinating singer, you should fill this gap immediately. We will help you to do this with our article on her most inspirational songs of all time.

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In this article, you will find Shola Allyson songs list. We have gathered 15 top tracks ever created by the artiste. Read on and enjoy good music.

Top Shola Allyson songs of all time

With six magnificent albums, the singer has quite a bunch of tracks to boast off. List of Shola Allyson songs is impressively long; therefore, we have sorted them through and picked the most popular and loved ones. Check them out below.

1. Eji Owuro

Eji Owuro is an undying hit that remains popular for over a decade. It appeared in the far 2003 as a soundtrack to a Nigerian film with the same name. Since that time, people just cannot forget this banger. It still remains one of the most popular tracks about love, and there is no wonder in that. Look at how YouTube users react to the song:

The best love song ever. - @Olu Akano
A special gift of a voice applied to the most wonderful of lyrics! - @Oluwatoyin Alaofin
What a special song with a powerful meaning - @Veronica Haesevoets
I used to sing my heart out to this song as a child without knowing what any of it meant, still love it now. - @Tutu Adams Yoruba
my favorite song of all-time - @Bello r

The lyrics of the masterpiece tell us about a true love that blossoms in faith, devotion, and truth. Moreover, this love originates from God’s will. Together with a melodic voice of Allyson, the words reach the innermost corners of our hearts. This pure track makes people believe in true love and make them want to experience it, too. Listen closely to it, and let the music flow through all your being.

2. Aye O Fe

This track also brings us back in 2003 when Eji Owuro film was released. Together with Eji Owuro, Aye O Fe complemented the movie as one of the soundtracks. Though the language of the track is unfamiliar to many, sweet voice of Shola Allyson conveys the meaning and emotions wonderfully.

3. Oreke Lewa

Oreke Lewa is another masterpiece of Nigerian music that came to us from Eji Owuro movie. The steady flow of the music together with the confidence of the singer’s voice powered by strong faith makes this track impossible to forget.

4. Eledumare

As all Shola Allison songs, Eledumare is soaked through with love for God. This track is a prayer that asks the Lord to protect you when you leave your home. A perfect tune to start your day. Her unique voice gradually leads you away from your daily problems to a peaceful state of mind. With a clear head and surrounded by this divine music, you are open to the Lord; your prayers are filled with energy. This worship track was released in 2014 as a part of Ire album.

Look what YouTube users say about the track:

Hmmm! early morning tonic,this is spirit lifting & soul inspiring...good enough to start a new day with; SHOLA, what a talented woman you are! - @Raphael Ajuwon

Shola in this rendition show proof of God's sovereignty in our affairs. Excellent!! - @ Vincent Balogun
I love this music so much, a very strong message and prayer; may God bless you with your beautiful voice. - @blesson evans
I was inspired by her music - @Elizabeth Chiejile
I love this song so much - @Harrike Gold

5. Ope

Ope is a wonderful song of praise and worship. It is a title track of her 2015 album. The artiste saturated it with so much faith and love for God that you cannot but marvel at it. The powerful lyrics and Allyson’s unique voice reach your soul and speak directly to your heart. People on YouTube are equally fascinated by this masterpiece:

This is what I start my day with... everyday.. thank you for this awesome song - @Von Stauffenberg
Awesome worship song. Refreshing too. - @toks Oni
This is awesome. It's most appreciated if you live among those who don't look like you and speak your indigenous language. - @Elisha Oluwafemi

I'm so blessed by this wonderful lady whose voice just blesses and worships the Lord with all within her. - @Bisi Awoyemi
This soulful song is what I start my day with may God continue to bless this your gift and bless me too - @Omo Orisaoke

6. Adura Ololufe

Adura Ololufe is a delightful track about love and how God supports it. It should definitely be played at all wedding parties. The beautiful voice of Shola is especially pronounced in this song. Enjoy it.

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7. Baba Eso

This deep and powerful worship track is full of meaning. It is one of the best Shola Allyson worship songs. In it, the singer thanks the Lord for his guidance and protection. Unlike the previous tracks, this one is slow and languid, which makes it somewhat hypnotising. As one of the YouTube users put it:

This song!!!! Awesome, powerful and heavenly - @momodu olorunfemi

8. Isinmi

This track is perfect for those who have found themselves in turmoil, for those who seek peace and tranquillity, for those who want to calm their souls. In Isinimi, Shola Allyson thanks God for the rest that He granted her soul. The peacefulness of the track really holds back all negative emotions. See what YouTube users have to say about one of the best Shola Allyson songs:

I was very emotional this morning over a situation. As I was spreading clothes, I nearly broke down but then God whispered to me that I will give your soul rest and I remember this song and I couldn't just stop listening to it. God bless you Shola Allyson - @Feyikemi Oyewole
This song makes me believe that with God all things are possible. - @Yetunde imole
I listen to this song every day, whenever I do I am so filled with joy from within..the song is such an inspiration song for me - @Idowu Akosile

This song gives me strength whenever I am down - @Becky Blue
I love this song to the bones... can’t stop replaying... - @Omotolani Victoria Somoye

9. Mimo

Mimo is one of the most beautiful Shola Allyson praise and worship songs. With her voice, she conveys so many positive emotions and warm feelings that you cannot hold back a smile. YouTube users agree with this:

I don't understand the language but I use this song to worship because it lifts my spirit. - @Ehabe Nzaih Bweh
This song keeps me going - @Colbert Sandra
Beautiful worship song to a Loving Father. Can't stop listening to this. - @Sejiro Husitode
I really can’t explain nor express what your songs does to my being. More grace, more anointing, more steadfastness in Jesus name. - @Blessing Ogunleye

10. Temisan

Temisan is certainly cannot be placed among the latest Shola Allyson songs; however, it defiantly may be considered as one of the most powerful ones. In this track, the singer reminds everyone that God has prepared a unique path for each person. He guides us and protects us on our way along this path. For this, we should be grateful.

Here is what fans say about this masterpiece on YouTube:

Motivating and consoling. Never tired of listening to this song. - @Idowu Ajayi Emmanuel
Your music always touches my life and it really changes me - @Titilayo Omoboye
Beautiful Song - @LovinglyK

11. Ayanmo Ife

Ayanmo Ife is a beautiful track that proclaims that God teaches us to love and that he will support true love always. It is a nice hit to play at your wedding. YouTube users react quite warmly to this Shola Allyson’s creation:

The lyrics are so touching, love the song, was my entrance song at my wedding reception - @december akins
This is one of the songs that inspire my spirit in love with my wife - @Adetunmibi Oladipo
Mystery!!! The issue of love is a mystery! Whoever does not love the lord cannot love. - @Ayeni Toyin
There is nothing like true love which comes through God - @Olalekan Olawusi

Beautiful song.Can never fade. - @Omolara Shoyinka

12. Imole Atan

Imole Atan is a unique track that brings peace to one’s soul. Its tune is relaxing, and the voice of Allyson is mesmerising. You should definitely check this tune out.

13. Ma Je Nsina Master

This track is a manifestation of Shola Allyson’s talent in full blossom. Her voice is in perfect harmony with the music. The charming tune and deep lyrics make this song impossible to ignore.

14. Oro Oluwa

Oro Oluwa praises and worships God. The singer sings about devotion and faith that we all ought to have. If you believe in the Lord with your heart, everything will be good in your life, even if now everything seems hopeless. True faith and love for God will always protect you.

Here is what YouTube users write:

I got to hear this song at a time in my life when the lyrics made the most meanings. I have never been so reassured all my life. - @Jasmin Johgman

I have always believed in God's words and prophecies, but God has used you to compose this song as a reassurance to myself and everyone that has listened to this song. - @Bukola Pereira
This particular music really encouraged me in 2014 when I was facing a problem. I really thank god that I listen to the music and I believe it. - @Pixmaker Dgreat
Am going through a lot now and I just came across this song, tears are dropping from my eyes cause I know everything will be ok very soon. - @Folake Akinsanya

15. Iba

Iba is a true song of worship. It praises God and says that He is our only King. The singer proclaims her deep love for the Lord in this track. She says that she will devote all her time to worshipping God because it is the reason she was born into this world.

All Shola Allyson songs are very melodic and have profound meaning. She puts all her love for the Lord and her faith in the tracks she creates. All works by the singer are unique and deserve to be on the list of the best songs. What is your favourite track by Shola Allyson? Share your opinion below!

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