Nigerian man breaks up with girlfriend for refusing to send unclad photos to him

Nigerian man breaks up with girlfriend for refusing to send unclad photos to him

- A female Twitter user recently took to the platform to call out her ex-boyfriend for breaking up with her

- According to her post, he stated that she was boring as she constantly refused to send him sensual and unclad photos of herself

- The young man in question responded to the allegations, stating she had a 'sugardaddy' whilst they were dating

There seems to be no end to the dramas that continue to occur on the internet everyday. Currently trending on social media is the story of an estranged Nigerian couple who probably considered it a good idea to air their dirty linens in public.

Identified as @enigmabae, the embittered lady took to the micro-blogging app to call out her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her because he felt she was boring and wouldn't send unclad and sensual photos to him. She stated that he stopped picking her calls and this left her utterly disappointed.

She wrote: "I started noticing my boyfriend @_thetoluwanimi doesn’t pick my calls anymore and stuffs, so yesterday i asked him what went wrong, he said i was boring. Baba started saying because I don’t send him n*des. Please when did n*des become the primary goal of a relationship??"

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"I really loved him so much, gave him all he asked for except n*des because I don’t do that. He finally broke up yesterday and I’m so mad right now. He knows I’ve been faithful all these while. I have his n*des and I’m thinking of how punish him right now. God will judge you! I seriously don’t know why you guys do all these just for n*de pictures?"

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The boyfriend in question responded to her tweets and revealed some interesting things too. According to him, she had a 'sugardaddy' whilst they were dating and that he loved her despite her cheating ways.

He wrote: "Ohhhhhh....So you came to drag me on Twitter lol. What about your sugardaddy? You’re the same person who told me you’d be making money for me and you while you have s*x with him. I loved you despite the fact we both knew you had a sugar daddy. Don’t let us start another drama"

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She however, stated that they were both aware of her sugardaddy as he gave her the go ahead to get involved with another man to benefit them both.

She wrote: "Yes we both knew about the sugardaddy. You couldn’t take care of my needs what did you want me to do. I volunteered to do something that would help both of us. You gave me the go ahead to get a sugar daddy. Now you’re here ranting

He went on to reveal:"I couldn’t take care of your needs? Wt are you saying? You said you wanted to look expensive and i told you I couldn’t afford expensive things on someone who doesn’t even have a job. I bought you stuffs, gave you money. You only wanted to look expensive and live fake life!

While these two continue to spill their dirty secrets, it is imperative for them to realize that the internet never forgets.

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Meanwhile, recently gathered the report of a young lady who had been dumped by her lover on the day there were supposed to seal their love forever. The young lady, Sasha, revealed to The Shade Room that her groom-to-be never showed up to their wedding or honeymoon in Greece.

She also added that he lied to have made a deposit payment for the venue but guests were turned back with the news that the place had not been booked.

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