Viral video of a Nigerian lady advising women to allow their husbands cheat

Viral video of a Nigerian lady advising women to allow their husbands cheat

Social media has been going wild with reactions after a Nigerian lady advised women to let their husbands cheat in order to maintain peace in their homes.

While many people consider cheating in relationships bad, this Nigerian slay queen seems to think otherwise and from the look of things, she's pretty convince that her ideology on how to handle cheating men is the right one.

The yet-to-be identified lady made a video in which she is seen advising women to be more tolerant of their cheating husbands. According to her, allowing men cheat helps with maintaining peace and happiness in a home.

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See video below:

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Not so many people were impressed by her views which they considered as utter rubbish.

See reactions below:

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In a similar story, a lady identified as Annie on Instagram believes that ladies should let their men cheat in peace. Now, while this may sound like yet another delusional person spitting nonsense on social media, she backed her point with interesting reasons.

According to her, if a man cheats on you the first time, it's not your fault but if he repeats it continuously, then it's totally on you. She revealed that women allow this continue because they are quick to forgive without letting the men suffer the consequences of cheating.

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