How to change page name on Facebook in few simple steps

How to change page name on Facebook in few simple steps

The search query on how to change page name on Facebook is one of the most searched among the rest, connected with this social media. Being a blogger now is on the peak of popularity, and the majority of people choose Facebook as a primary platform for this business. If you are reading this article, then you definitely need help, and we are here to explain to you how to change page name on Facebook in a few simple steps. It is easier than you think. All you need is to read the article till the end.

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If you have decided to change the theme or work direction of your Facebook page your essential task is to add some amendments. The structure of this social network seems complicated to many users, and they can’t find the necessary field. We’ve collected all the information to give you tips and some advice about this, so read on and you will find the answers.

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How to change page name on Facebook: first and the easiest way

You are considered to be the admin of the page if you want to rename it. There are a lot of roles, which persons can perform on Facebook pages, but only admin can manage page settings. Perform the next steps to change Facebook page name:

  1. Open the Home page of your blog.
  2. Look at the left column of your page under the main photo.
  3. Click “See more” button to expand the full list of sections and choose “About”.
  4. Push “Edit” in the Name field and enter a new name.
  5. Press “ Continue”, check if everything right and confirm your request.
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After it, website administration considers your request and send notification after they made a decision. Usually, this process doesn’t take up more than three days. If your claim was dismissed, you made a mistake in name or broke the rules. There are sound explanations why can’t you change your Facebook page name. The social network rejects inquiries for the following reasons:

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  • The suggested name doesn’t coincide with the activity of the company or person; or even represents the organisation belongs to another person.
  • Phrases or words in the name are rude and insult to someone’s rights.
  • The owner of the page used forbidden words in the name: Facebook and official.
  • The name contains redundant capitalization.
  • Different symbols, repeating or unnecessary punctuation marks and characters from other languages are not allowed too.

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How to change the Facebook page name after 200 likes?

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The fan pages on Facebook, which have more than 200 followers is a very different matter. The majority of the social media users consider that this function is unavailable for owners of fan pages, but there are some ways to change Facebook page name even after reaching this amount of followers.

So, if you've faced the problem of the absence of the necessary field in settings, the first way to change your location by using special programs or extensions of web-browser, install it and set the USA as your country. After it, renew the Facebook page, and you will see the “Edit” option.

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There are cases when the support of the site rejected users’ requests without explaining the reason. We recommend you not to give up and repeat your attempt several times; most likely, the administration will endorse your changes.

Is it possible to change the Facebook page name on Android?

As so often happens, the mobile app of a particular social network doesn’t have one or several essential functions, and you can do actions only using your PC. This situation isn’t of those type; you can change the page name on Facebook app whenever you are. This step-by-step guide is also right for the IOS users because the structure of the mobile app is quite similar to the Android one.

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To do everything right follow the next steps:

  1. Open the Facebook app and go directly on your Page.
  2. Tap on the “three horizontal dots’ button in the top right corner of the phone. And choose the 1st option “Edit Page”.
  3. You will see the list of settings, and you should choose the second one entitled “Page Info”. The order may change, so it’s better to focus on the title.
  4. In the first section “About” choose your Name, enter new variant and press on “Save” button.
  5. As in the PC version, you will see a pop-up window, saying about the details of the approval process.

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So, we hope that we described all possible answers and guides and the question of how to change page name on Facebook won’t seem to users insoluble anymore; you won’t be afraid to change the way of your activity in blog or business.

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