Man who lost wife after delivery of quintuplets cries for help (video)

Man who lost wife after delivery of quintuplets cries for help (video)

- Recently, a young man in Delta state, spoke to about how his wife died after giving birth to quintuplets

- On January 29, his wife died after she had a cardiac arrest upon her delivery of five girls

- The man who had been expecting only four kids has begged Nigerians to come to his help

A Nigerian man named Uchenna Prince Onyejekwe has taken to narrating his pathetic story to The young individual who was interviewed by a correspondent of in Federal Medical Center, Asaba, poured out his heart.

According to him, he and his wife had gone for an ultra sound scan few weeks after they discovered she was pregnant. The scan revealed that Uchenna's wife had four children in her womb.

Upon hearing this news, the duo decided to go to Federal Medical Center in Asaba where they believed they would get the best treatment. It was decided that the lady would do a Cesarean operation. On January 20, his wife put to bed, and instead of the four kids they were expecting, she delivered five children. All of them were girls.

Man who lost wife after delivery of quintuplets cries for help (video)
Man who lost wife after delivery of quintuplets cries for help (video) Source: TV
Source: Original

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Upon hearing this news, the excited Uchennea asked about the welfare of his wife. He was told she was fine. But that changed some moments later. Uchenna said he was alerted to the fact that his wife had experienced a cardiac arrest.

In dealing with this situation, she was put under intensive care. Although she turned out fine, she experienced yet another cardiac arrest. After trying all to no avail to jolt her back to life, Uchenna's wife died.

Man who lost wife after delivery of quintuplets cries for help (video) journalist talks to Uchenna Onyejekwe Source: TV
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Uchenna made a statement in this regard: "The doctor said that they will operate my wife. Then I said 'ok, no problem'. Then after the operation, fortunately, instead of the four babies we were expecting, the babies became five. Then, after the delivery, I asked the doctor about my wife. He said my wife is in good condition, that she is in the recovery room. Then, after some time, I saw them carrying my wife in stretch bed. I ask them, 'what is wrong?' They said the condition of my wife has changed, that they have to carry her to emergency. I said 'what is wrong?' I was not happy... I helped them and carried her to emergency. At the emergency, they started putting oxygen and other things... The doctor said my wife have entered coma. After some time, she came out and said that my wife has entered cardiac arrest again. I said 'what?' ... They came out and told me she is now getting better. Then, the following day, they said she has entered the second cardiac arrest... Then after that, in the afternoon, that following day, which is 29th of January, my wife died. So that is the situation, how everything happened."

Man who lost wife after delivery of quintuplets cries for help (video)
The children, their father and other well-wishers Source: TV
Source: Original

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About how he feels just knowing about his wife's death, he said this: "I am not happy at all for losing my wife. I don't even know where to start. Since that day up till now, I haven't been myself; I haven't even slept in my house for even a single day because I don't feel happy going to my house any longer."

Uchenna who revealed that he and his wife had been married for two years said he was very happy to see his children despite the fact they were all girls, but upon hearing that he was expecting multiple children, he worried about how he was going to take care of his children. However, he comforted himself with the fact that his friends and the government would come to his aid.

Again, he had expected that his wife who was a petty trader would help in nurturing the kids. He had promised his wife that he would always be there for her and would help her take care of the kids. Unfortunately, things did not turn out the way he expected.

Man who lost wife after delivery of quintuplets cries for help (video)
Well-wishers and relatives with quintuplets Source: TV
Source: Original

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Due to this twisted condition he has found himself in, Uchenna has taken to appealing to the public for help. According to him, he is in dire need of support at this point in his life.

Read his words below:

"I have tried to contact some of the government officials to assist me but up till now they have not come... They are telling me that because of this election, they are very busy, that they cannot come now to assist me. So I am just begging if anybody can help me, anybody can know any of these politicians so that they can come to my aid to come and assist me and help me."

Only recently, had covered the news of the woman's death. It appears that the 29-year-old woman who was Uchenna's wife was named Chukwunonso Onyejekwe. According to the doctors, she died due to acute respiratory failure. ( -> We keep evolving to serve our readers better.

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