Best Donnie McClurkin songs of all time

Best Donnie McClurkin songs of all time

Do you like Donnie McClurkin songs? The American gospel singer has already become a legend of modern Christian music, so in this article, we want to tell you about the top 10 songs by Donnie McClurkin. Read on to know more about this beautifully spiritual musical artist.

Donnie McClurkin songs
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Today, Donnie is one of the leading representatives of gospel music. Since starting his career in 1996, the pastor Donnie McClurkin songs brought him numerous awards and worldwide recognition. The musician is 59 years old now, and he is not going to slow down his activity, so we wait for new records. Let’s look at his musical pieces that are considered the best of all time.

Top 10 Donnie McClurkin songs ever

Of course, the artist has had way more than just ten great songs, but we would not be able to fit them all into one article. Therefore, let's focus on the ten best ones.

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1. I Am Amazed

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This composition is very uplifting and emotional, the single is recognized as one of the most beautiful records of modern Gospel Music.

"I am amazed at the power of His name, I am amazed at the power of His love" — these are the essential words of the composition, the lyrics show the feelings of a true believer. The song is a single from the album "Duets" that was released in 2014. Besides the voice of Donnie McClurkin, one can hear the back vocals of Erica Campbell and Preashea Hilliard.

2. Stand

The song is considered as a great example of the new and traditional gospel music mix. The back vocal singers create a modern sound and show the creativity and talent of the musicians who worked on this composition. This record is also from the first album of the artist. nnie McClurkin songs even today has a high rate of radio airplay. The music is inspirational and it helps a believer to go through tough days.

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3. Speak to My Heart

The song is considered as a great example of the new and traditional gospel music mix. The back vocal singers create here modern sound, show the creativity and talent of the musicians who worked on this composition. This record is also from the first album of the artist.

4. Wait on the Lord

Inspirational songs by Donnie McClurkin are able to bring a new strong wave of faith to any believer, and this record is one of the most heart-touching. The voices of McClurkin and Karen Clark Sheard together with the message of lyrics make this composition a must-have in a playlist of any believer. The composition is from the album “We All Are One (Live in Detroit).”

5. Church Medley

Some say that the sound of this record is a bedrock of all Donnie’s music. You can feel a wave of faith, straight and positive energy when you are listening to this musical piece. The song is from the album "Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs" (2005). The song was created by Albert Goodson.

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6. Ooh Child

This is a kind of a remake of the composition “The Five Stairsteps” of 1970. The record "Ooh Child" was released in 2004 on the album “Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs”. The song appeared to be a great mix of modern and traditional view on Gospel music. The record was made in collaboration with Kirk Franklin.

7. The Prayer

This is a collaboration between Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurkin. Yolanda Adams is another famous American singer of Gospels, and numerous fans waited for such a collaboration song. The single is so inspirational; every believer should have it among the top positions of his or her playlist.

8. I Call You Faithful

This is another record from “Psalms, Hymns & Spiritual Songs.” In this beautiful composition, you can hear the call to all the faithful people, and the sound gives hope and love. Just listen to this song, and your heart will be full of loving faith.

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9. Just A Little Talk With Jesus

In this composition, we again hear the mix of best traditions of gospel music and contemporary sounds of 1992. The singing choir and modern beat made the composition popular, and it is still on active airplay of gospel radio stations. Some say that the song is among the most recognized records of Donnie McClurkin.

10. We Fall Down

This song has a special place not only on playlists but also in the hearts of many believers. The composition seems so simple, but it is so beautiful; you might want to hear it again and again. It was released in 2000 on the album “Live in London and More...” The song is definitely a leader of gospel radio charts.

What about Donnie McClurkin latest songs?

Best of Donnie McClurkin songs
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Donnie McClurkin released his most recent album in 2016 called “The Journey (Live).” Fans were happy to hear new record by their favorite gospel singer. Such songs as “I need you,” “My help,” “I will follow you” became favorite music pieces of the album.

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After the album, Donnie McClurkin released a few more incredible singles, which were:

  • "Akhekho Ofana no Jesu" (2017)
  • "Carribean Medley" (2017)
  • "I have a father" (2017)
  • "My favorite thing" (2018)
  • "Some Children See Him" (2018)

Thee new songs have already become favorites of many fans of gospel music.

The influence of songs by Donnie McClurkin, and his role in gospel music

Songs by Donnie McClurkin
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For many people around the world, Donnie McClurkin is the symbol of high quality gospel music. The hit songs of the musician were highly recognized not only at gospel radio stations but even at pop radio stations and charts. reports that to this day, the singer has released:

  • Three studio albums
  • Five live albums
  • Four compilations
  • Twelve singles
  • Three VHS video records of concerts
  • Five music videos

The singer also took part in five movies and a number of television projects. Such a high level of productivity brought Donnie:

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  • Three Grammy Awards
  • Two BET Awards
  • Two Soul Train Music Awards

Donnie McClurkin became one of the main figures of modern Gospel music. His songs have a great impact on a genre as a whole. Thousands of fans are inspired by the spiritual message of this music.

Donnie McClurkin songs are filled with faith and inspiration. The meaning of his lyrics and the unique sound of the compositions make this music so spiritual. We are happy to hear such music and wait for the new beautiful works of the musician.

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