Stop using perfumes, success is the only perfume you need as a man - Author Reno Omokri

Stop using perfumes, success is the only perfume you need as a man - Author Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri is one author and political commentator whose views on politics, relationship and societal issues have always generated applause on the one hand, controversy on the other hand. The controversial man has once again stirred and disturbed the calm waters of people's thoughts

Reno Omokri did this by recently taking to his Twitter page to weigh in on matter of both gender and social significance. In a tweet, he advised Nigerian men against using perfumes.

According to him, perfumes were for women. Even more, he emphasized that the only perfume or scent a man needed was success. Reno advised the men to go earn some legit money.

For the controversial commentator, using expensive colognes as a broke, poor man was not worth a dime as it does not necessarily add to them by any means. His words were particularly sarcastic and biting.

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In fact, Reno went ahead to assert that a rich man with body odour smelt nicer than a broke man who sprayed expensive colognes and perfumes all over.

See his post below:

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For many Nigerians, Reno had a point in what he said but he also missed the point of the purpose of perfumes. This caused several Nigerians to take to Reno's page to lay down their grievances.

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See some reactions below:

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Reno has always been vibrant when it comes to relationship issues. Recently, he took to giving his own two cents opinion on the role money plays in a relationship. According to him, lack of financial buoyancy ruins marriages. ( to - We keep evolving to serve our readers better

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