Video of bride kneeling to greet guests at her wedding sparks outrage on social media

Video of bride kneeling to greet guests at her wedding sparks outrage on social media

Africa is a continent rich in culture but civilisation and enlightenment has led to many practices becoming alien.

In this 21st century, men and women are seen as being equal and should be treated as such. recently came across a now viral video of an African bride kneeling down to greet guests on the high table at her wedding.

The young bride practically crawled on her knees in her wedding gown to exchange handshakes with guests on the high table as her husband walked beside her to shake the same guests.

Kneeling in most African cultures signifies respect and many have wondered why the groom did not also crawl on his knees to show respect to the guests.

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See the video below:

Since the video hit social media it has raised series of interesting reactions.

Many people lambasted the wife for the act and some even referred to her as being stupid.

See some reactions below:

tolu_legit: Mtcheew rubbish

beautifultdy_graphics: If she stand, she tall pass the husband. She is trying to make the husband look taller�

ladytee1607: Mtcheeeewww, what is this na?

jimmi_brown: very stupid

enigmaminds: She will still cheat & insult the in/laws

fubiminaye: So she had to crawl all through the high table because she wants to prove a very stupid point? And the huncle that marry her is there feeling proud that his wife is cultured......that guy deserves to be flogged

toeriah: OMG...she no get sense ..why she go kneel down on top wettin ‍♀️‍♀️

mimi_.paul: Lolss ,they would have both knelt and crawled together.That guy is disrespectful�

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Other internet users however praised the act and applauded the young lady.

dharmie_faj: Abeg! It is not dont knw her reasons, you don't know the motive behind it...all you see is a video. When you see a wise man act sometimes we don't understand the reasons and so we refer to them as foolish...

ladyceewi: If thats her true self, I applaud her,if she is doing it for show,I pity the husband and his entire family, such ladies can go from 100% respectful to a 200% disrespectful after marriage.

miss_reedah: Oh well..This isnt stupidity..but wait, what happened to the bending and greeting format�

omo_badmos: Well cultured

tofunmi.ayomide: Wow very respectful I even thought that her height

This is interesting.

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