Managing director in Nigeria: definition, responsibilities, jobs and salaries

Managing director in Nigeria: definition, responsibilities, jobs and salaries

This time, we want to tell you about managing director jobs in Nigeria. Read on to find out the meaning of this profession, responsibilities, and what level of salary can a candidate expect? Interested? So, it is time to know more.

Managing director

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Managing director meaning

The managing director is a person who is responsible for the proper implementation of daily operations of the organization, company, or corporate division. Sometimes the profession is considered as the equivalent of CEO (Chief Executive Officer), or the head of a company.

The managing director is the main person of any company, he or she is a leader of all processes. Such director, as a rule, is appointed by the owners of the company, and works in collaboration with them.

The managing director is responsible for the implementation of the ideas designed by the owners of the company. But, if it goes about small business, then managing director is usually the owner of the company. In small enterprises, he or she usually has one or two assistants or works without them at all.

Brand and company

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The main task of the managing director is the growth and development of the company as well as increasing its competitiveness and strengthening its position on the market. In medium and large companies managing director also operates the work of functional and regional directors.

Managing director responsibilities

Of course, depending on the specifics of the business and the stage of development of the organization, the director may have different responsibilities and tasks. However, it is possible to highlight the main managing director responsibilities:

  • management of production and financial-economic activities of the enterprise;
  • organization of work and effective interaction of all structural divisions;
  • improvement the efficiency of the enterprise;
  • ensuring the growth of sales (products or services) and increasing to competitiveness of the company;
Jobs in Nigeria

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  • monitoring the implementation of all obligations to all external organizations: federal, regional and local budgets, state extra-budgetary social funds, suppliers, customers, and creditors;
  • control of providing the enterprise with qualified personnel;
  • the creation of safe and favorable working conditions;
  • compliance with all legal requirements relating to the work of the enterprise;
  • protection of property interests of the enterprise in court, arbitration, government bodies, and management.

Such a large amount of tasks requires a fairly wide knowledge in various fields. Managing director of any enterprise must be an expert in the following spheres: legal, industrial, technical, economic, financial, and marketing. He or she should possess deep knowledge in the field of psychology and management. See also: Department of Petroleum Resources recruitment of graduate trainees & experienced professionals

As for the personal qualities of the leader at such a rank, he or she must have all the features of a successful boss. The main thing: a successful leader is always a delicate psychologist who knows how to understand and manage people.

Office work

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Some more important functions:

  • Such type of director manages a team of top managers, he or she must team up all the managers to achieve better results;
  • The managing director is the one who is responsible for the development and efficiency of the company as a whole. And he or she should be ready to make key decisions that can greatly change the fate of the enterprise.
  • The managing director is the most ambitious figure of all the top managers. He should be able to see the situations in a whole scale, and predict its development.

Most company owners want to see at the position of managing director a person with a higher profile education, preferably with the second higher education in economics or management.

Managing director jobs in Nigeria

Today on top job boards in Nigeria one can find numerous open vacancies of managing director position. See also: Who is an administrative officer and what are his duties?

Organization of work

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For example, you can visit such pages to see some offers:

At these pages you can also check the level of managing director salaries, we can see that the rate of wages depends on the company, qualification of the employee, his or her experience and many other details. According to Salaryexplorer the salary of managing director per month can be on the level from 495,000 to 1,485,000 NGN per month.

As you see the position of managing director requires a lot of specific professional and psychological qualities, and high responsibility requires high professionalism. The salary level is very attractive, but in most cases, the candidate is required to have enough experience as a manager to try himself at the directorial position.

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