Highest paid footballer in England in 2018-2019

Highest paid footballer in England in 2018-2019

All people know that footballers are one of the wealthiest people in the world. Some of them earn more than movie stars and singers. Today, we are going to tell you about a wealthy sportsman from a rich country, so go on reading our article about the highest paid footballer in England.

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The story of a person we are going to tell you is the representation of talent and hard work. You will be surprised when you find out who is this person. So do not hesitate to get a portion of a powerful motivation right now.

Highest paid footballer in the English Premier League, who is he?

The highest paid footballer in the UK is Alexis Sanches from Manchester United. His weekly wage is estimated in £350,000 (more than $450,000) according to the version by dailymail.co.uk (see official table).

Recently, he joined Manchester United team and is supposed to get £81.9 million (about $106.9 million) for his five-year contract. A world the most famous clubs are fighting for the right to get this player in the team, and any girl on the globe is ready to give her heart to a young, rich, and handsome athlete. But who is the highest paid footballer in England indeed? Let us try to figure out this together!

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Alexis Sanches came out of an ordinary Chilean family, and due to his perseverance and dedication, the footballer was able to become one of the highest paid football players. But he was born in a small port town in the family where he was the fourth child. The footballer was not born with a gold spoon in his mouth. His family faced difficulties especially after the head of the family – a poor fisher, unable to feed his wife and children left them alone.

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The family lived in complete poverty. The mother of the future football player had to take on any job to feed her kids. Alexis did his best to help his mother. The boy washed cars and participated in street fights. On the Internet, one can find the interview, where a brother of Alexis Sanches tells about their family life. He explains that they survived in all possible ways and sometimes there was no money at all, so the children had to ask for food from their neighbours.

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Sanches` uncle tried to help the lonely mother, but he also had no funds for children’s education. Street football was the only chance for Alexis. Up to 14 years old, the boy played for the amateur club of his hometown "Arauco", and then moved to another local club. Already at the age of 16, the footballer made his debut in the main part of the club. For their quickness and purposefulness, as well as productiveness on the field, journalists often called Sanchez a “miracle boy”.

His serious football career began in 2006 with the transition to the Italian Udinese. The club paid for the transfer of the player £1.7 million, which was already considered a decent amount of money.

Highest paid footballer in England
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In 2011, Sanchez signed a contract with the legendary Barcelona, becoming the first Chilean to join the team. The team has spent about €26 million on Alexis in the whole. And they definitely did not regret, Sanches had spent three productive seasons with Barcelona, and during this time lapse, he scored thirty-eight goals!

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In 2014 Alexis moved to a new club. This time, Sanchez put on an Arsenal T-shirt. The salary of the player with every new contract grew up, and in Arsenal, the annual fee for Alexis was €4.5 million (more than $5 million)!

On January 22, 2018, a direct exchange of players took place between two world-famous clubs. Arsenal gave Sanchez to Manchester United, receiving from the Red Devils Heinrich Mkhitaryan. Today the sportsman earns crazy $450,000 per week officially. According to the famous football resource transfermarkt.de, Alexis` transfer cost today is €45 million (about $51 million). Currently, he lives in a luxurious mansion in Greater Manchester and rides Bentley GT supercar.

This is the story about how the poor boy from Chile became the highest paid footballer in the English Premier League. This real story one more time proves that everything is possible in this world for a persistent personality, so move on to your dream!

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