Top 10 richest footballers in Nigeria now

Top 10 richest footballers in Nigeria now

So many Nigerians are real fans of football that we have to figure out who are the top 10 richest footballers in Nigeria now. This kind of sport is very entertaining. It tickles your nerves to predict who will win this time, and it breaks your heart when your favorite football player performs poorly. Well, at least the most professional and successful footballers are paid well. If you want to know who is the richest among them, all you need to do is to keep reading!

Top 10 richest footballers in Nigeria now
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Are you curious to discover the net worth of the luckiest and most amazing players from our country? Then you have chosen the right site and the right article.

Top ten richest footballers in Nigeria and their net worth

Rankings of the top 10 richest footballers are updated several times a year. It happens because players can multiply their wealth thanks to a successful football season or lose their net worth due to various business problems and waste.

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The name of the richest player can change year after year. Thus it is always interesting to follow the trend and see who is the richest footballer in Nigeria right here right now.

Who is the richest footballer in Nigeria?

Let’s begin our ranking of the top 10 richest footballers by answering the question, ‘Who is the richest footballer in Nigeria?’

This player is number 1 on our list, and he will be followed by other successful Nigerians who are believed to be the top 10 wealthiest footballers now.

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1. John Mikel Obi – 57-60 million U.S. dollars

The Nigerian richest player is famous all over the world because he plays not only for our National Team but also for the English FC Middlesbrough.

John Obi originates from Jos, and he has been the leader of the Super Eagles team for many years. According to Forbes, he was named one of the highest paid African footballers in 2011 with the annual salary of 5.8 million U.S. dollars. It is incredible how a talented man’s career can begin in Plateau United and lead his career through Chelsea and other famous squads.

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Top richest player in the world in all sports in 2019 estimates the net worth of John Mikel Obi at about 57 million U.S. dollars now, while according to it is a bit higher, 60 million U.S. dollars.

2. Obafemi Martins – 33 million U.S. dollars

Who is the richest footballer in Nigeria? Obafemi Martins is one of them. This extremely fast player took his first steps in football while living in our country. Even though he moved to Europe after he turned 16 years old, the whole country still follows his ups and downs and feels happy every time the forward scores.

The career that got to the heights in European FCs continued to develop in China. The success would follow him no matter if he were a part of our National team or American Seattle Sounders FC. Forbes marked this talented footballer as one of Major league soccer's million dollar men with base salary amounting to $1.6.

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According to, the net worth of this wealthy player is about 33 million U.S. dollars.

3. Victor Moses – 20-23 million U.S. dollars

The winger from Chelsea who has been playing on loan for different teams for the last six years is well-known all across our country. Victor Moses is absolutely one of the top ten richest footballers in Nigeria now.

The life of this famous Nigerian wasn’t easy, but his soccer career has made him rich and famous in and outside our country. According to, the net worth of this fantastic man reached approximately 20 million U.S. dollars (as for 2016). However, reports that the net worth of the footballer is 23 million U.S. dollars. We haven’t found any recent updates on his wealth.

4. Emmanuel Emenike – 18 million U.S. dollars

This fantastic striker played for our National FC. He is well-known inside our country and outside Nigeria. Right now, Emmanuel Emenike is playing on loan for the Spanish squad Las Palmas. But before 2018 he was a part of Turkish, Russian, English, and other football clubs.

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Based on, Emmanuel’s net worth reached over 18 million U.S. dollars in 2016. We don’t have an update on his current wealth, but he can still be considered one of the richest footballers in Nigeria.

5. Ahmed Musa – 12-18 million U.S. dollars

The popular and one of the top 10 richest footballers in our country, Ahmed Musa, is very successful. He has represented numerous soccer clubs, played for the national team of Nigeria and demonstrated incredible results in the FIFA World Cup back in 2014 and last year, in 2018.

For his professional achievements, Musa has been named the footballer of the year. The source claims that the Ahmed Musa's net worth is above 12 million U.S. dollars, while according to and some other sources, this fantastic and one of the richest among Nigeria football players boasts a net worth of about 18 million U.S. dollars.

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6. Yakubu Ayegbeni – 14 million U.S. dollars

While this professional footballer is a former player, he represented Nigeria in many championships. The super ‘Yak’ has been great as a part of Nigerian, Portuguese, Israeli, English, and other clubs. He built an impressive soccer career and earned enough money to be called one of the richest men in Nigeria football.

As reported by, the player has a net worth of about 14 million U.S. dollars.

7. Victor Anichebe – 11 million U.S. dollars

It is possible to earn good money even if being a free agent and choosing to play for on your own. The Nigerian man who is one of the top 10 richest footballers played in different squads in England and China. He was born in our country but spent most of his childhood years outside Nigeria.

He has a net worth of approximately 11 million U.S. dollars.

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8. Peter Osaze Odemwingie – over 8 million U.S. dollars

When talking about the top ten richest footballers in Nigeria and their net worth, we should note that many of our professional players represent many African and European squads, play for Chinese and the USA teams and become successful no matter which FC they play for. Right now, Peter Odemwingie is a part of Madura United club from Indonesia.

According to, Peter’s net worth is approximately 8.5 million U.S. dollars.

9. Vincent Enyeama – 7 million U.S. dollars

The former Captain of our famous National Team spent many years in Nigeria playing for our local clubs before he moved to Europe to build his career here. Vincent Enyeama is a great goalkeeper. In the history of our country, he is the only footballer who has been capped more than 100 times. Thanks to his hardworking character and desire to win, he earned enough money to live a wealthy life.

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As noted by, Vincent Enyeama’s net worth has reached about 7 million U.S. dollars.

10. Taye Taiwo – over 6 million U.S. dollars

This man is another richest player who originates from Nigeria and is well-known for football fans from all over the world. Taye Taiwo is currently playing for the Finnish club, but he was a part of Nigerian national squad for many years in a row. Thus, he can be considered one of the richest players in Nigeria since his career was successful and brought him millions of dollars.

Taye Taiwo’s net worth is more than 6 million U.S. dollars.

These are the top ten richest footballer in Nigeria and their net worth. It is impressive that the popular sport can make its top players wealthy.

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