Meet Felicitas Naa who enrolled in secondary school at age 41 to achieve her dream

Meet Felicitas Naa who enrolled in secondary school at age 41 to achieve her dream

A woman who enrolled in Junior High School at age 41 is on the verge of achieving her dream of becoming a health officer.

Felicitas Naa’s story is one that not only inspires but also affirms the saying that belief and determination are constants in success.

Having been born in Tamale, Felicitas went on to have her basic and middle school education in the northern region.

However, her life took a different turn, one which would try to define what she would become in future.

Meet 41-year-old Felicitas Naa who has enrolled in JHS to meet her dream

Felicitas at Oguaa Senior Technical School. Source:

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At 18, she fell in love after a man pledged to help her continue her education when they get married. Excited by the proposal, Felicitas jumped on it and subsequently got married at the age of 18.

However, things did not go according to plan. Her husband could not help her continue with her education.

On the other hand, he himself furthered his education. As time went on, the husband began to complain about Felicitas’ low education level.

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The 41-year-old told Graphic Online: “He would always complain about my low level of education.”

With life becoming more and more difficult, she took to bread selling and sewing to make some money.

Her marriage finally collapsed, leaving her in a state of absolute depression with no stable source of income and three children.

Meet 41-year-old Felicitas Naa who has enrolled in JHS to meet her dream

In 2006 at age 41, Felicitas made a life-changing decision that would affect her life positively forever. Source:

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But rather than give up, Felicitas decided to give it a second shot by returning to school to educate herself.

She said: "I had to pick myself up and start all over again. I was 40 years then. It was time for me to decide whether it was too late or whether I would start afresh. I choose the latter.

In 2006, she decided to go back to school. Intriguingly, she was 41 years old when she decided to further her junior secondary school education.

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But there was a hitch, after 22 years, the educational system had changed. All senior high schools Felicitas tried to gain admission into would not admit her.

She, therefore, had to undertake the Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE) as a prerequisite to enter senior high school. The woman said: “I was determined to go back to school and so this was not a difficult decision for me to make.”

Felicitas finally enrolled in the Pedu MA Basic School after numerous failed tries. “I had to cut my hair, sew my uniforms and get ready for school,” she reminisced. ( -> We have upgraded to serve you better

She added that by the time she started over, her first daughter had completed senior high. “By this time my first daughter had completed senior high school."

The determined woman completed junior high school in 2009 and then gained admission to the Oguaa Senior Technical School to offer a course in general arts.

Felicitas is currently a trainee at the Tamale School of Hygiene where she will graduate this year as a health officer.

She said: “It’s a good decision I took. I am glad I took that decision to go back to school. It changed my life completely. I have friends I couldn’t have had. I can understand my children better and I even look younger now,” she says of her inspirational journey.

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