End staphylococcus, syphilis and gonorrhea with herbal roots

End staphylococcus, syphilis and gonorrhea with herbal roots

My son got staphylococcus aureus from daycare with folliculitis. Since he is a twin I tried to prevent the transmission from one to the other. In the meantime, I contracted the staph myself in the form of a large boil on the right side of my face.

End staphylococcus, syphilis and gonorrhea with herbal roots

About 15 days later, I had an ingrown hair on my right breast in the form of a pustule. https://bit.ly/2Ul776R or Call/ WhatsApp 08033707987

I went to a nearby clinic and was given another round of bactrim. The spot was marked and I was told if it doesn’t get better in 3-4 days or goes outside the lines I should come back to the hospital, though I was given some antibiotics, I waited about 10 hours and the infection spread through half of my breast with the spot becoming indurated. I went to the hospital with 103 fever and rapid heart rate.

I was admitted on a Thursday night and began antibiotics treatments immediately. On the following Monday, I underwent an incision and drainage of the abscess. The wound cultures returned MRSA. On Tuesday, the packing was removed and I was discharged on Wednesday. The following day being Thursday around noon, I began running fever again. I called the surgeon Friday morning and went to my primary physician, and then they sent me to the Emergency section. I was admitted for more IV antibiotics ciprofloxacin plus some other powerful antibiotics.

I received three powerful combinations of antibiotics for 6 more days. I was still trying to get my strength back and getting rid of the staph in my home.

One of my family friends that came to check on me in the hospital whisper to my hear that when I leave the hospital I should give her a call, because she couldn’t discuss or mention the matter in the hospital. I was discharged but not in perfect condition internally. Still feeling not too fine.

Some days after I was discharged I tried calling my friend’s mobile and she said she need to come and explain to me because it isn’t a telephone matter. She visited my house that same evening and told me she got this natural herbal medication called, Cucine plus herbal capsule she will recommend to me, it has cured her son from staphylococcus, her son contacted it from his school toilet. I asked for the price but it was quiet expensive for me because I had spent a lot, but I got no choice since I’m still feeling it. She brought the Cucine plus.

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I started using the herbal medication and just like a miracle within the first 10 days I started recovering from all the discomfort and symptoms staphylococcus has put me through.

I think there needs to be more education about how powerful MRSA, syphilis, gonorrhea and other related infections are, and how it can be cured herbally through Cucine plus without any side effect and no infection re-occurrence.

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