Highest paid sport in the world - Top 10

Highest paid sport in the world - Top 10

There are many kinds of sports, and each has its supporters, amateurs, and real winners. However, not all kinds of sports are paying so much. If you want to know what the top 10 highest paid sports in the world are, you have chosen the right post.

Highest paid sport in the world - Top 10

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Of course, you will name soccer as one of the highest paid, but what other kinds of sports should be included on this list? Keep reading the post to find out the answer.

The highest paid sport in the world 2018 — Top 10

Today we will be talking about the highest paid sport worldwide. We have made the top-10 ranking of the most funded. Read about them below.

10. American football

American football (or just football in America) is the most popular sport in the United States, both among fans (about 40% of viewers of one of the largest ESPN sports channels in the US call it their favourite sport game) and sportsmen (most of the schoolchildren and college students play American football).

The primary key to the commercial success of this kind of sports is the external attractiveness of the game as a show and the capitalisation of spectator interest. If you compare American football with other sports, you will see a noticeable difference first of all in the performance. In the USA, a bright light works throughout the arena, visually uniting the platform and the stands and creating a sense of celebration in the arena. Due to this, the TV show of the match increases the interest of the audience to walk directly to the stadium.

The work of a considerable number of top-class professionals such as managers, representatives of PR services, and marketers is hidden behind a beautiful picture. And it has excellent results in the form of high-paying contracts and partnerships with the giants of the world market. According to thedailyrecords.com, leading athletes in American football are Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, who earned $42 million and Deion Sanders who got $22.5 million.

American football

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9. Cycling

Cycling is a respected and popular sports activity in Europe. From March to October, more than 50 open-air competitions take place here. Some of them, for example, the Vuelta of Spain or the Tour de France, last three weeks, during which the participants travel 4-5 thousand km.

In this kind of sports, it is not enough just to spin the pedals, among essential characteristics, are the strength, endurance, and excellent health. It is impossible to bear the load is you are an ordinary person. But if you will be skilful and trained enough, your income can be incredibly huge. For example, according to Forbes, one of the best-payed cyclists Lance Armstrong at the peak of his cycling career in 2005 has earned 28 million dollars as salary and bonuses.

Also, it should be noted that a lot of money spent on the development of this sport. For example, tens and hundreds of millions go to the structure of the tracks and holding championships.

Cycling sport

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8. Baseball

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States (according to the US Census Bureau, more than eleven million Americans play baseball). It is a team game that is performed with a ball and bats (as English cricket). The goal of the game is to score as many points as possible. There is not a single American who has not played baseball at least once in his life.

Baseball fans have a wonderful tradition. For example, before the match, the US national anthem is played, and the right to symbolic first serve is granted to various celebrities or honoured persons, such as baseball veterans.

A lot of famous people write books, make films, and even put on musicals about baseball and baseball players. This kind of sports continues to be the American national game and one of the symbols of the United States.

The construction of baseball field, which are always full of advertising billboards, trading of baseball attributes and of course fan love, which brings players an incredibly high income — all of the above has brought an incredible profit to this sport. Is baseball the highest paid sport? No, it is not the highest paid one, but still, baseball players who are real stars earn a good salary for sure. For example, according to Forbes, in 2012, Alex Rodriguez managed to make $33 million including salary and endorsement deals.

Highest paid sport in the world - Baseball

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7. Ice hockey

Ice hockey is a team sports game on ice, the goal of which is to throw the puck into the opponent's net more times than the opposing team does at the set time. The puck is passed from player to player on the ice court with special hockey sticks. The winner is the team who has thrown a higher number of pucks into the opponent's net.

Many athletes put many efforts to build a successful career and, of course, earn good money. Young guys who play ice hockey, devote their lives to sports, win ranking places, and dream of getting into the big league or national team of the country. A game for them is not just a game, but also a well-paid job.

Players, regardless of the position on the ice and the outcomes of the game, consistently receive rewards and bonuses. Salary to each team member is paid according to the contracts. They have the same content for everyone, and the salary is the same for all club members. Of course, if you take into account the bonus ones, the numbers will be huge. For example, Sergei Fedorov is one of the prominent ice hockey players, has managed to earn for his career an impressive net worth amounting to $40 million (according to therichest.com)

Ice hockey

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6. Tennis

The honourable sixth place according to the estimates of professional connoisseurs is tennis. Tennis is an Olympic kind of sports in which two players or two teams of two players each compete. The goal is to throw the ball to the opposite side of the court so that the opponent cannot reflect it and, in turn, successfully reflect the balls that are coming to their side.

Various cup tournaments, Grand Slam series, etc. accumulate prize funds with millions of dollars. The lucky winners of such competitions are secured as millionaires. Huge money in the treasury of tennis stars throws contracts with sponsors who are glad to make money using the image of their famous wards. Participation in various endorsement deals and filming give a substantial increase to sports fees directly.

The most paid tennis player is considered to be Roger Federer who has managed to earn in 2018 $77.2 million ($12.2 million are his salary, and $65 million are bonuses from endorsement deals) according to Forbes.

Tennis as sport

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5. Soccer

Next comes one of the most favourite kind of sports in the world and Nigeria as well. Football opens the top five in the list of maximum earnings in the sport. It seems quite simple to earn money being a football player, but football or soccer is a rather complicated kind of sports that require good health and excellent skills: endurance, coordination of movements, spatial thinking, and the ability to work in a team is also essential.

Those times when players ran around the field with the ball and trained until exhaustion for the sake of popularising their country, defended their positions and achieved high international results for the idea and Homeland, ran out. Today's money paid for transfers of top players is not limited to six-digit numbers. The economic efficiency of the sale of star players to other clubs has long been a decisive factor in the percentage of club turnover, and an actual amount of fresh cash infusions into the field of sports.

A football player who is number one, according to reputable experts, earning an enormous amount of money per year is the Brazilian Cristiano Ronaldo. Summarising the salary and bonuses from endorsement deals, Forbes reported that in 2018 the wealthiest footballer in the world earned $108 million.

Highest paid sport in the world - Soccer

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4. Golf

The fourth place in the ranking of the highest paid professional kinds of sports belongs to golf, which is so much loved by millionaires and billionaires. Golf is a popular sport in the whole world. The player must score the ball in the hole with the help of various types of clubs using the least amount of strokes.

Such a sporting preference for financial elites largely explains the number of funds annually played out in golf. The adoration of viewers also allows thin financial streams to gather in the mighty rivers, flowing into the huge pools of prize funds of the game.

Accurate transfer of the golf ball across the field, precise calculation of the impact force, talent to use field coverage and weather conditions to own advantage — all these elements allowed the golf genius, Tiger Woods, to become number one in the world’s most successful sportsmen’s ranking. Tiger Woods became the 16th in the ranking of the highest-paid athletes in the world according to Forbes in 2018. He earned $43.3 million in just a year. The estimates of his income did not include information on advertising contracts and surveys. From what is known, the level of activity of a player in concluding advertising contracts has declined slightly, which, however, did not prevent him from becoming fabulously wealthy. His net worth is estimated by Forbes to be $750 million.

Highest paid sport in the world - Golf

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3. Auto racing

Auto racing is a real sport, which is characterised by all realities and attributes such as competitions, victories and losses, disqualifications, excitement, sports prizes, and certificates. Participants are driven by courage, bravery, and the desire to reach the finish line first and, most importantly, unscathed. Racing cars pose a high risk, so drivers must be able to react quickly in any situation. A sharp mind is their best friend during races. The most popular and profitable is Formula 1.

Every year, these races are watched by 550 million people. The season consists of 20 stages taking place in 20 different countries, which makes Formula 1 one of the most global sports. Formula 1 annually brings income between $1.5 and $2 billion. This money is distributed among ten teams that spend from 100 to 500 million per season on race cars, development, staff and drivers' salaries. It is necessary to transfer $40 million to the royal racing fund to hold the stage of Formula 1 in their own country.

Most drivers earn from $1 to $5 million a year. Among the highest-paid athletes in this sport are Sebastian Vettel, Michael Schumacher, and Fernando Alonso. Let's come to the impressive numbers. For example, Forbes marked Sebastian Vettel in its ranking of the highest-paid athletes in the world (the 18th position). In 2018, the sportsman earned $42.3 million. Fernando Alonso according to the same Forbes ranking, in 2018, managed to make $33 million. However, the most bright star of Formula 1 remains Michael Schumacher with his career earnings amounting to an incredible $1 billion.

Auto racing

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2. Boxing

The second place was taken by boxing. Experts and ordinary fans of competitions say that this sport is the most exciting one. Boxing is a kind of sports of real men which is evoking an aura of masculinity, stamina, willingness to win. It requires quick reaction, sleight of hand, well-coordinated leg work, strong jaw and preferably a knockout punch. Boxing has won a special place in the heart of a viewer and bring athletes high incomes year after year.

At all times, boxing stars have become professionals with outstanding physical opportunities. Mohamed Ali, for example, according to the memoirs of contemporaries, "flew like a butterfly, stung like a bee." To deny the mobility and speed of the feet of the legend means to revise the history of sports. Another boxing star Mike Tyson, who is only 1 meter 80 centimetres tall, delivered strikes that hit opponents with much more overall dimensions. During the favourable periods of his career, Iron Mike repeatedly became the highest-paid boxer on the planet. According to Forbes, the fighter has managed to earn $685 million for his career.

Now, the household name in boxing is Floyd Mayweather. The combination of possession of the tactical elements of boxing, talent, efficiency, and competent promotional policies allowed today's star, Floyd Mayweather to earn $285 million in 2018 according to Forbes and this makes him the highest-paid boxer in 2018.

Highest paid sport in the world - Boxing

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We have talked about the highest paid sport before. But what is the winner of our ranking? Keep reading and we will amaze you with the information below.

What is the highest paid sport in the world?

Dynamic and entertaining basketball ranked the first position in the top-10 the highest paid sport in the world 2018. Basketball has over 1 billion fans. It is one of the top-rated sports in the US, and NBA revenues amount to more than $5 billion annually. Professional leagues in Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Argentina, and China, which have a huge audience interest, make basketball the fastest growing sport in the world.

NBA star Michael Jordan has long entered the Hall of Fame of world sport. His unforgettable feints on basketball courts in star matches, branded "rebounds" and the whole style of play became nominal among the youth of that time, and even now the eminent plater's fame has not dimmed. The real-time net worth of the former basketball player according to Forbes is $1.7 billion.

As for now, one of the brightest stars in the NBA is Kobe Bryant. He became an example of a basketball player who earns a lot. Forbes reports that his career earnings are amounting to $770 million. He also made $300 million due to advertisements of brands such as Nike, Panini, and Hublot.

Lebron James is also is one of the leaders in this income marathon, in 2018, he earned $85.5 million according to Forbes.

Highest paid sport in the world - Basketball

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In our post, we have told you about the top 10 highest paid sports in the world. Professional athletes are people whose earnings nothing but impress.

There are always significant risks of getting injured and losing advertising contracts, so earning incredible amounts of money as salary and bonuses from endorsement deals sportsmen also risk their health and sometimes even lives, so they deserve every penny they make.

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