Buhari's wife and story of their marriage

Buhari's wife and story of their marriage

President Muhammadu Buhari is not just a political leader – he is also a very dedicated family man. The President of Nigeria has a wonderful wife who has been by his side for almost thirty years and who has supported him all the way through. In this article, you will gain more knowledge about the first lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari, who is a very brave and determined woman, and learn what she is notable for, except for being Muhammadu Buhari wife.

Buhari's wife and the story of their marriage
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Who is Aisha Buhari? What do we know about her? Read on to find out.

President Buhari wife: The full biography

Aisha Muhammadu Buhari, who is the current first lady of Nigeria since the inauguration of her husband on 29 May 2015, is a very interesting and deep person, and she is certainly worth talking about. This piece would distance a little from the President of Nigeria and his political endeavors, and focus on his beautiful wife who is talented in so many ways. Also, we will tell you the love story of Buhari and his wife, and talk about how they met and fell for each other.

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Aisha Buhari, whose birth name is Aisha Halilu, was born in Adamawa State, in the north-eastern region of Nigeria, on the 17th of February, 1971. Today, Aisha Buhari age is 48 years old. Aisha came from a political family – her grandfather, Alhaji Muhammadu Ribadu, used to be a prominent figure in Nigerian politics, holding the title of the first minister of defense in the country’s history after independence. The father of Aisha worked as a civil engineer, while her mother came from the famous farmer family, the Ankali.

The first lady attended both primary and secondary school in her native Adamawa State. She is a very educated woman, as she holds a public administration bachelor degree, which she got from Ahmadu Bello University. After that, she obtained an international affairs masters degree, after her studies at the Nigerian Defence Academy, which is in Kaduna. Aisha Buhari had a very strong interest in beauty therapy, and eventually, she went to study at the Carlton Institute of Beauty Therapy, a professional school which is situated in Windsor, United Kingdom. She managed to receive a diploma at this institution. Eventually, she also gained a post-graduate diploma in cosmetology and beauty at a French school, Academy Esthetique Beauty Institute of France.

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This woman’s interest in beauty has always been very prominent, and she managed to start a business centered around it. She was the founder and managing director of a company called 'Hanzy Spa', and a principal at the beauty salon, 'Hanzy Beauty Institute', which is located in Abuja and Kaduna. She took part in the development of the curriculum for NBTE (National Basic Technical Education) enterprises, and she also works as a resource person there in cosmetology and beauty therapy. Aisha Buhari has even published her own book on beauty therapy, which is among the recommendations of the NBTE study curriculum. When her husband emerged to become the President, Aisha Buhari had to close her beauty parlour.

Aisha Buhari came in the limelight in 2014, when she publicly criticized the actions of the former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and called for him to resign from his position. In her statement, she said that Jonathan had to be a leader of the nation in difficult times when Nigerian people are dying every day. This statement came after the alleged attempt of assassination of Muhammadu Buhari.

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Aisha Buhari is also a very passionate activist for women’s rights. She has been very vocal about her views on female and children’s rights, and she made it her main point during campaigning for the election of her husband Muhammadu Buhari in 2015. On a few occasions, Aisha has made emphasis on the educational aspect, saying that the young girls have to get basic education before forcefully getting married. She strongly condemns child marriages and believes that girls should not marry until they are at least 17 years old, and have a primary and secondary school education. She is also against child trafficking and kidnapping.

Buhari's wife
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At the Global Women Conference, which was held in May 2015 in Argentina, Aisha Buhari spoke in favour of women’s rights, emphasizing on the crucial need for laws in Nigeria which will protect young women from being forced into marriages from young age, marital abuse, and other major problems that women in Nigeria face. She called for appropriate legislation in Nigeria which would defend the rights of women and children.

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In June 2015, Aisha Buhari held a meeting with the mothers of kidnapped Chibok girls. She donated some money that she made from her book to the case of these girls, as well as the Buni Yadi boys who were killed in 2014, and the youngsters who suffer from malnutrition.

The first lady of Nigeria is also the founder of the social initiative called 'Future Assured'. This initiative was created for Aisha Buhari to go on with her health, female and children rights advocacy work. The reason that inspired her to create this organization was the necessary improvement of the poor health of the vulnerable population groups. At a stakeholders meeting for this organization, she confirmed her future commitment to it. The public launch of this program took place on September 29, 2015, in New York City.

Except that, Aisha Buhari has been supporting internally displaced people, who have been forced to escape their home in light of the Boko Haram insurgency, which first became a massive problem in 2009. The first lady has established a committee which deals with relief material distribution to the IDP camps.

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Aisha Buhari is a worthy first lady,who supports a lot of social initiatives and is educated in many fields. She is a businesswoman, a beautician, a published writer, and a fighter for female and children’s rights.

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Aisha Buhari
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Is Aisha Buhari’s first wife?

Aisha is the second wife of Muhammadu Buhari. Before her, he used to be married to another woman(divorced). Her name was Hajia Safinatu, and she was a bright and educated woman. Their marriage ceremony took place in 1971. Muhammadu Buhari had five children together with his first wife Hajia Safinatu – four girls and one boy. Their names are Zulaihat, Magajiya-Fatima, Hadizatu-Nana, Safinatu-Lami, and Musa. Unfortunately, Zulaihatu and Musa have passed away.

Hajia Safinatu was not a very public person, and she hardly ever appeared with her husband at important events. Sometimes, she paid private visits to different states, which were not widely documented. In general, when her husband became a public person, she said that their life changed, as he did not have a lot of time for his family anymore. It is believed that Safinatu divorced Muhammadu Buhari after he was overthrown from his position of Head of State in 1985 and thrown into prison because it was too much of a burden for her. A few years later, in 1989, he found a new wife, Aisha Halilu, and married her. Hajia was revealed to suffer from diabetes in 1998, and in 2006, after eight years of her battle against this disease, she passed away at the age of 53.

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Buhari's wife Aisha
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Muhammadu and Aisha Buhari children and marriage

Even though Aisha Buhari is much younger than her husband, and she married him when she was only 18 years old. Buhari and his wife have a good relationship, which has lasted nearly thirty years. They have five children together, and just like in Muhammadu Buhari’s previous marriage, they have four daughters and one son. Their names are Aisha, Halima, Zahra, Yusuf, and Amina. They also have one grandchild. All of the children have successful lives and are involved in some kind of business. Aisha Buhari was actively campaigning for her husband’s presidential run in 2015 when the election took place.

However, even though Muhammadu and Aisha Buhari seem to have a strong and stable relationship, they do have occasional disagreements. Aisha is the kind of woman who would tell her husband outright if she found something wrong with his policies. The most famous incident was when in 2016, in the interview with BBC, Aisha said that if her husband does not build a stronger government, she will not campaign for his second-term election. She said that neither she nor her husband knows the majority of people who he has appointed for his government and that if nothing changes, she is not planning on promoting his campaign among the fellow women.

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Muhammadu Buhari fired back at his wife, saying that her place is in the kitchen and the “other room”. It was a controversial statement which was met with a lot of outrage from those who support female empowerment and equality, and it did not help that he said these words in front of German leader Angela Merkel. Later, the spokesperson of the president said he just made a joke. It is unknown how Aisha reacted to these words, but she clarified that she did not mean to show disrespect with this interview, only spoke the truth, and added that she stands by her words. It is assumed that the President and his wife managed to solve this misunderstanding, given that they are still married and no signs were implying the possible divorce. Though the First Lady still speaks on her husband’s government whenever she can, and if she has any controversial thoughts, she has no trouble voicing them publicly.

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This article was about the first lady of Nigeria, Aisha Buhari, as well as her relationship with President Muhammadu Buhari. She is definitely not the kind of wife who would sit still at home, and she has a lot of her own initiatives that do not have anything to do with her famous husband. You have received some insight into the Buhari family, and we hope it was interesting to learn about the personal life of the President and his wife.

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