Actress Nazo Ekezie says Nollywood is one of the worst places to have female friends

Actress Nazo Ekezie says Nollywood is one of the worst places to have female friends

In one’s profession, an individual often hopes to make new friends so as to help themselves achieve great things. However, time has shown that women are quite difficult to befriend as they might want to cause problems.

The Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, is blessed with several A-list thespians and some of them have been able to form cliques, especially the male performers.

Despite that, the same cannot be said about their female colleagues. Many of them have been known to call each other out on social media over one misunderstanding or the other.

Talented actress, Nazo Ekezie, even revealed in a recent interview that Nollywood is one of the worst places to make friends.

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According to the star, women in the industry see genuine compliments as something else and the successful ones among them look down on the upcoming acts.

She said:

"Nollywood is one of the worst places to have female friends. Most female actresses see genuine compliments as something else. The worst are those who are doing better and well paid, endorsements and all, with the fame, yet they still say rubbish about other actresses in the industry."

Speaking further, she revealed that every problem she faced in the industry was caused by females. Nazo added that the successful actresses are also jealous even on set.

"Every battle I had faced in Nollywood revolved around women. It’s that bad. They believe once they have made it, nobody else should. These big actresses (the A-List) are scary. Seriously, you would be in your corner, thinking they are all made and won’t stress it again. But they are the ones that are more jealous. Even on set", she said.

Nawa o.

Meanwhile previously reported that the star disclosed that she no longer puts on underwear.

The activities of suspected ritualists stealing female underwear for evil purposes has become rampant in Nigeria. Day after day, people share story of men stealing ladies' underwear both in public and private places.

This could be the reason why so many women have made the decision to not put on underwear or removing it when they are going out.

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