Nigerians speak on if educational background is a good factor to consider before marriage

Nigerians speak on if educational background is a good factor to consider before marriage

While growing up, kids were used to hearing statements such as knowledge is power and education is the master key to life. However, life happens and some people are not able to get the education they desire.

When people become adults and are stripped of their innocence, other things come into play as they become more aware of their inadequacies.

It is no news that educated people are often given better consideration compared to their uneducated counterparts when it comes to some things.

In relationships, this also comes into play. Some ladies would not approach men who are not literate and the same thing goes for some men who would not approach uneducated ladies.

This is interesting seeing as many people believe love is blind and it conquers all. organised a poll to get opinions from our readers on this topic. Our Facebook readers voted and 42% of them believe education is an important factor for marriage while 58% opposed that notion.

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See results below:

Meanwhile on Twitter, 55% of our readers are of the opinion that education should be considered before marriage while 45% believe it should not.

A number of users also took to the comment section to share their views on the topic. A number of them were pro-education as they explained that it would bring about better understanding in the union.

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Some other users also believe that education should not be a criteria for marriage because an educated partner does not translate to a happy marriage.

Finally, some other people were neither here nor there as they believe that everybody is educated because the lack of formal education does not mean being an illiterate.

Meanwhile previously shared Nigerian's opinions on the relationship between true love and money.

When it comes to matters of love, most men and women have different expectations. It has become a widely accepted assumption that no woman would like to be in a relationship without money while men are often of the opinion that women should be able to stay with them regardless of their financial capability.

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