Lady writes her brutal employer shortly after securing employement

Lady writes her brutal employer shortly after securing employement

Getting a job has proven to be quite a task for some people and individuals who are lucky enough to get employment try not to jeopardise things.

There is a thin line between testing and humiliating an individual. Many desperate job seekers fail to recognise the difference and they are able to withstand any kind of horror in their bid to get employment.

However, some individuals are brave enough to decide when to walk out and never turn back. has gathered the report of a young lady who wrote a letter to her potential employer after he gave her a tough time during the job interview.

The lady, identified as Olivia (@oliviaabland) took to Twitter to call out her potential boss known as Craig Dean shortly after she secured the job.

In the letter she revealed that she declined the job offer because of the process it took for her to get it.

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According to Olivia the interview process took a toll on her to the extent that she even shed tears. She further explained that the boss, Craig Dean, seemed to enjoy her discomfort as he tried to rattle her at every opportunity.

Olivia also added that Dean reminded her of her abusive ex-boyfriend who derived joy in tearing her to shreds then compensating her with gifts. She likened this to the CEO who after making her go through an uncomfortable interview process decided to employ her.

See her tweet below:

In a subsequent tweet, Olivia revealed that she was yet to get a response from Craig and that he should be ashamed of himself.

However, Craig eventually responded and he made sure to apologise as he revealed that he had no intention of hurting her.

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Olivia also responded and she did not seem very open to his apology.

Since Olivia's initial tweet, many people took to her page to share different reactions. A number of them applauded her bravery while others seemed to think Craig's behaviour was normal among employers.

See some opinions below:

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