Nigerian lady narrates how she dealt with male stalkers who wouldn’t stop calling her phone

Nigerian lady narrates how she dealt with male stalkers who wouldn’t stop calling her phone

- A Nigerian lady left many people in shock after she recounted how she dealt with male stalkers

- According to her story, three men on different occasions stole her number and continued calling despite her refusal to obliged them

- She eventually shared her problems with a group of Facebook friends who helped her get them off her back

A Twitter user might have just helped many people with stalker problems through her interesting and hilarious story. Identified as Eketiette, she left many people shocked after she revealed how she handled three men who stalked her with endless calls.

According to the post she put up, the phone call harassment continued for an extended period of time until she sought help from a group of Facebook friends who eventually helped her fight them off.

She wrote: "These guys said,"Talk to him him gently." "It's because you don't like him." "Don't report him. If he loses his job in this economy, god will punish you." "Be mature about it." But I was being #stalked, I was terrified, and crying nearly every day.

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That day, I'd gone to three banks to do certain transactions. Finished at the third bank, I stepped outside, hailed a cab and got in the front seat. Not too long after, we got to a traffic stop and my phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number. "Hello?" I said. "Hello? are you?" asked the person at the other end. It was a guy. I couldn't place his voice; the way he mispronounced my name gave him away. He wasn't someone I knew. "I'm fine. Who is this, please?" "Are you still in the cab by the traffic lights?" he asked.

Gbim! My heart slammed back in my chest at those words. I was a little scared. Though I didn't have much money on me, I'd just stepped out of a bank and someone may have been inclined to think that I had money. "Who's this?" I asked again.

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"My name is Jude*." (not his real name) "You don't know me. I was standing behind you in the queue at the bank. I tried to call you as you were leaving, but you didn't hear me. So, I took your number from the ledger where payments are recorded." A little relieved, I asked if I'd forgotten something. "No o. I just want to know you better. We can become close."I said, no, thank you. Then I asked the cabbie not to drop me at my initial destination. Rather, I got down at a fastfood outlet somewhere in Wuse 2.

Once inside, I begged them to let me use their back exit.I took another cab and hightailed it out of there. It's one of the smart things I learned from watching spy movies. The guy called again and said, "You've left the cab. Where are you?" I turned off my phone. That was the beginning of a nightmare. This fellow called me many times and all he would do was breathe into the phone and say nothing. I'd try to talk and he'd breathe faster, give this funny moan and then hang up.You know what made it worse? Same day, I got another call, from an unknown number. I did the hello and who is this questions."My name is Solomon. I work with So & So bank."Same bank Number 3.

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"Did I forget to fill or sign something?" I asked. "No. I'm the CSO. I came into the bulk room as you were leaving and I couldn't help but find your number and call you. Please, when can we meet? I really want to know you more." That's when I started crying. I told him that wasn't going to be possible. He refused to accept it. These two men made it a duty to randomly call me every day. The CSO promised me he was interested in marriage, not boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. The other one was busy, breathing for his ancestors.

I was angry and afraid. This dude has access to my private info. My address, parents address, bank details, etc. I didn't know what to do. So, I confided in a friend. She told me to report him to his office. Before I did that, I informed him of my plans via SMS. That's when he realised I was serious about my NO. He apologised and promised never to call again. He kept his word. For the second guy, he went on to torment me for almost a year. 30 c

Frustrated and at my wits end, I put up a post on Babes Redefined, a women's Facebook group I'm in. I posted his number there. He got calls. So much so that his battery was perpetually dead. One Saturday, he managed to send me an SMS, asking for forgiveness. I ignored him.It was his turn to feel how I'd felt. For every new person who saw the post on the group, he got fresh calls.I wish these were the only experiences I had. Unfortunately, a third one came along two years later. This one had like five numbers with which he'd call me.

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No blocking measure seemed to work. I was scared of answering calls from unfamiliar numbers. Again, I turned to Babes Redefined. That's where I learned about OLX. So, I took random pictures of expensive electronics and phones. I put up a post, said that due to the deteriorating economy, I was having a distress sale. I attached his numbers as the contact details on every item.

Where could he find the battery power to call me again? Oga, shut up and sell that brand new Samsung Galaxy for 40k. Here ends my tale. To the guys who told me I'd miss my future husband by saying no, like I have to be stupid and scrape the bottom of the barrel to be married - I forgive you. To the men who said that was a load of twaddle and encouraged me to go to the police - thank you. NO MEANS NO! DON'T #STALK! DON'T SUPPORT STALKING! DON'T ROMANTICIZE IT!"

Still on harassment stories, a young lady Natachi Peace (@Natachyy) has taken to her Twitter handle to share a story of how a man molested her at a bus park. She explained that she was at the park when the strange man started pressing her 'behind'.

Peace added that she moved out of the line to another but the man followed and still continued his act of molestation. This got her really angry and she stabbed him on his hands with a pen.

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