Richest footballer in the world in 2019 - based on Forbes

Richest footballer in the world in 2019 - based on Forbes

Do you want to know, who is the richest footballer in the world (Forbes)? You have come to the right place because we are going to tell you the name of the talented sportsman who is the richest player in the world now. An interesting fact is that it is not the first time when this footballer gets the title of the wealthiest player on the planet.

Richest footballer in the world - Forbes
Image:, @Cristiano
Source: Facebook

Yes, you know the answer. Of course, we will tell you about Cristiano Ronaldo. Keep reading the post, and you will find out what is the footballer's net worth and how he managed to reach such success.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the richest footballer in the world according to Forbes

The forward of the Italian club Juventus and the captain of the Portuguese national team Cristiano Ronaldo for the third time became the wealthiest player in the world. According to Forbes, only in 2018 as of July 17th, Ronaldo has earned $108 million. The footballer is the tenth in the list “Celebrity 100 2018”. The player was recognised by Forbes not only as one of the highest-paid athletes of all time but the richest footballer with the career earnings amounting to $620 million. It is more than the leader of Barcelona, ​​Lionel Messi has. However, in 2018 Messi managed to top the rating of the highest paid footballer in the world with the annual earning amounting to $111 million.

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Ronaldo is a real winner in all areas of life. At his 33 (soon the footballer will celebrate his 34th birthday), he is not just the wealthiest player in the world, he is a businessman, a living brand, and an active philanthropist. His annual salary in Juventus is $35 million according to Forbes. The numbers are awe-inspiring, but how the famous forward managed to earn such amounts of money. Let’s talk about Ronaldo's path to his success and sources of his wealth.

Earlier, football players earned only playing for football clubs, but now sometimes footballers earn more signing with deals with different companies than on the pitch. Ronaldo is not an exception; what is more, his endorsement deals and business bring him more profit than his performance of the pitch. Here are the primary sources of Ronaldo's income:

  • salary and winnings
  • contracts with football clubs
  • participation in sponsorship programs
  • own business
  • active promotion in social networks

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But first things first. The chief merit of Ronaldo is that he is the best forward in the world. And this is his primary income.

One of the most expensive football players in the world

As for now, Cristiano Ronaldo's salary is $35 million per year. Only Messi according to Forbes earns more — $80 million before taxes.

Richest footballer in the world - Forbes in 2018
Image:, @Cristiano
Source: Facebook

1. Playing in Manchester United

It is worth remembering that the football player began his career in 1995. The first lucrative contract the football player signed with Manchester United after the 2002/2003 season. The price of the transfer was 12.24 million pounds. Five years later, Manchester United accepted an offer from Real Madrid to sell the Ronaldo club for 80 million pounds.

2. Deal with Real Madrid

So, in 2009, Ronaldo became the most expensive player in the history of football. He even broke Zinedine Zidane's record. In total, Ronaldo had 438 matches for Real Madrid and scored 450 goals.

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As of 2014, the annual football player rate was 52 million euros.

3. New era with Juventus

In July 2018, the football player moved to Juventus. The news about this transfer was among the leading for a long time, because for so many years Ronaldo was a leading star of Real Madrid. As noted by the press service of Real Madrid, the decision on the transfer was made at the request of the player himself.

The agreement with Ronaldo is signed until June 30, 2022. The athlete will get a salary of 30 million euros per year. The price transfer was 112 million euros. This transfer was the most expensive in the history of Italian clubs (the previous record was 90 million euros). It is also a record for a football player over 30 years old.

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Sponsorship deals

Richest footballer in the world - Forbes and his sponsorship deals
Image:, @Cristiano
Source: Facebook

Now, when we have already discussed the earnings of Ronaldo as a professional footballer let's talk about the endorsement deals signed by the footballer. They bring him good profit and sometimes even exceed his salary.

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Ronaldo has signed a lifetime contract with Nike, which costs over $1 billion. A famous sports brand often sets its conditions for a football player. For example, Nike forbade Cristiano to produce boots under his brand. Otherwise, the brand will cease cooperation. It is worth noting only the presence of the football player in social networks brought Nike huge revenues: 474 million dollars in 2016.

In 2014, Ronaldo received about 28 million through a series of advertising contracts with the world's largest brands: Toyota, Nike, Herbalife, Emirates, Castrol, Samsung, Soccerade, Tag Heuer, Emporio Armani, Konami, Banco Espirito Santo, KFC.

Also, the leader of the Portuguese national team starred in the promotional videos of the bank. Advertising was broadcast during the World Cup matches. The official terms of the transaction were not announced. However, according to insider information, an amount of about two million euros was mentioned.

Ronaldo's brand CR7

Richest footballer in the world - Forbes and his brand
Image:, @Cristiano
Source: Facebook

Except for being a successful player and an ambassador, Cristiano produces his line of clothes (clothing, shoes, underwear, etc.) under the brand CR7. Also, the brand produces children's clothing. The footballer personally creates models with his elder son. CR7 also plans to open restaurants and hotels throughout Brazil.

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The athlete already has two hotels. Pestana CR7 hotels operate in Portugal. One of them is in Lisbon, the second in Funchal, in the homeland of the athlete.

Also, in partnership with the American health care company Crunch, Cristiano began to promote the line of gyms "CR7 Fitness".

Activity in social network

Ronaldo is the most expensive football player even on Facebook. According to the company Polaris Sports, a team of six bloggers is working on Ronaldo's Facebook page, which works on posts and selects the optimal time to post new messages.

The athlete has millions of social media subscribers. On Facebook, he is followed by 120,686,125 people, while on Instagram he has 154.3 million subscribers. This fact also proves that he is not only the wealthiest football player in the world but also the most popular.

Richest footballer in the world - Forbes in Juventus
Image:, @Cristiano
Source: Facebook

Cristiano Ronaldo can rightly be considered as the most:

  • successful
  • talented
  • popular
  • enterprising
  • and of course the wealthiest football player in the world

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He shows by his example that to succeed and be wealthy, you need to be the best.

The athlete has managed to achieve incredible success and earn enough money to be called the richest footballer in the world (Forbes) and one of the highest-paid athlete of all times.

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