Nigerian man narrates scary experience after sleeping off at girlfriend’s hostel past visiting hours

Nigerian man narrates scary experience after sleeping off at girlfriend’s hostel past visiting hours

As adults, we often reminisce on the funny things we did while growing up. Sometimes, these memories bring a feeling of amusement while others make individuals regret their past actions.

A young Nigerian man identified on Twitter as London used boyfriend Akan (@london_used), took to the site to narrate a funny thing he experienced while he was still in the university.

According to him, he went to see his girlfriend at the time in her hostel but he slept off way after the accepted time, so he was trapped and could not go back to his own room.

He, however, recounted how he was able to get out of the dicey situation.

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Akan explained that he had to put on a disguise in order to deceive his girlfriend's female hostel mates.

Seeing as the disguise was not a good idea, Akan explained that he asked his babe if her roommates were the cooperative type so that they could come up with a better plan. However, there was a stumbling blockhe had a roommate who was not a fan of worldly things.

He eventually decided to sleep over in the room disguised as a sick lady so that his girl's roommates would not suspect a thing.

Narrating further, the young man explained that the Christian roommate even offered to pray for him but his girlfriend declined.

However things got a bit dicey in the middle of the night when Akan started to snore loudly like a man. His girlfriend called his attention to it and he was scared to fall back asleep. He further revealed the other hurdles he had to face while in the room.

However, Akan was able to come out of the sticky situation with help from the person he least expected, the Christian roommate. When all the other girls left the room to buy food, the fellowship sister remained and told him to drop the act because she knew he was a guy. She revealed that his shoes under the bed gave him out.

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