Betty Irabor slams people who make others feel insecure with their words, shares her experience

Betty Irabor slams people who make others feel insecure with their words, shares her experience

Meeting up with old friends can be quite an interesting experience. Many people have shared their awkward encounters with old friends who do not seem to know the right way to act or how to start a conversation.

In Nigeria it is common for people who have not seen themselves in a long time to start their greetings by commenting negatively on the other's appearance among other things.

Even though it has become a norm it still leaves a sour taste in the mouths of those on the receiving end of the jabs.

Nigerian writer and publisher, Betty Irabor, recently took to her Instagram page to recount the embarrassing encounter she had with an old friend sometime in January 2019.

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Betty explained that she was at a service of songs when she met with a friend who started her greetings by commenting negatively on her looks. According to her, the friend said: “Ah! Betty, what happened to you?” She continued: “Ah, you have gone much darker, are u ok? U used to be lighter!”

The obviously flustered publisher revealed that she was lucky to have turned a new leaf because she could have responded in a harsh way.

She also warned fans to be careful of the comments they make about people’s looks, especially in public.

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See her post below:

Meanwhile previously reported that Betty Irabor commented on how people pressure celebrities to live fake lives.

She did this in reaction to the news of MTN Project Fame season six winner, Olawale Ojo, who now works as a cab driver to make ends meet.

Using her experience flying economy class a while ago, she narrated how people pressurize celebs into being fake. See excerpts from her post: "A while ago I travelled Premium economy on V*rgin Atlantic and sat comfortably at my seat waiting to enjoy a great flight. But my peace and quiet was not to be cos a few people were embarrassed (on my behalf I guess) by my class of travel.

“Aunty Betty, were you downgraded” someone asked, really concerned and perhaps outraged by the audacity of any airline to down grade such a “high profile celebrity”.“No”. I shook my head. “I was not downgraded”. I smiled to reassure the aburo as she made her way to Upper Class."

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