How to make a periscope at home

How to make a periscope at home

Want to know how to make a simple periscope at home? Read on to learn how to make this entertaining device by using items that can be found at home. Interested?

How to make a periscope

How to make periscope with cardboard

Such devise is mostly used on submarines, but, you can make a simple periscope that will bring you or your kids lots of fun at home.

To make a cardboard periscope you'll need the following items:

  • Mirrors and two empty milk cartons

Find two mirrors of the same size. Any flat (non-concave and non-convex) mirrors will do; round, square, or any other shape is acceptable, these two mirrors can even have different shapes.

Work of periscope

Source: UGC

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Take two empty milk cartons and cut off the top sides. Remember that the size of the cartons should match the size of the mirrors. It is also important to wash the cartons. You can also use thick cardboard tube instead of milk cartons.

  • Connect the cartons with a tape

You can make your periscope as long as you want, but tape the cardboard from the inside to make it more stable.

  • Make a cutout on one side according to the size of the mirror

Put the mirror on the carton mark, the lines of the cutout with a pencil, remove the mirror and make a cutout. Use a stationary knife to make the cutout.

Periscope construction

Source: UGC

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  • Place the mirror facing the hole at 45º angle

Use adhesive pads or double-sided tape to fix the mirror onto the inner surface of the walls. Place the mirror so the whole surface can be easily seen when one looks through the hole, but have it point downward toward the opposite end of the carton 45º.

If you do not have a protractor, you can align 45 degrees angle with a ruler. The mirror and the walls of the box should form an isosceles right triangle, where the mirror will be the hypotenuse. Note that the mirrors will require adjustment, so do not use glue yet.

  • Cut a hole at the other end

Make the cut the same way as the previous one. Insert the second mirror facing the second hole. The second mirror should be visible from the hole and should face the other end of the carton at 45º. At this angle, the first mirror reflects light onto the second one. This is how you can see objects through the periscope.

Periscope at home

Source: UGC

  • Looking through the periscope

Continue to move the mirrors, if the image is not clear or you see only the inner walls of the carton, adjust the mirrors until each is at 45º.

  • Fix the mirrors

If the adhesive tape or adhesive pads are not enough, attach the mirrors with glue. Having fixed the mirrors, you will be able to look almost anywhere you want.

How to make a periscope with PVC Pipe

  • Take one or two pieces of PVC pipe
periscope tube

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You need 20-50 cm tube, but remember, the longer the tube, the smaller the image you will get. You can make a periscope with two tubes of slightly different diameter, tightly insert them into each other.

  • Add a small elbow joint pipe at each end

The holes of the elbow joint pipe should face different directions.

  • Find two mirrors that fit the pipe size

Mirrors should fit easily inside the pipes. For this type of periscope, it is more appropriate to use round mirrors.

  • Insert a mirror into one end at 45º

Use adhesive pads or double-sided tape to secure the mirror inside the elbow joint. Adjust the mirror so that you can see the angle of the other elbow, or remove the elbow and tune the mirror until you get a direct view through the pipe.

periscope for kids
  • Insert the second mirror on the opposite end

Fix the mirror at 45 degrees so that the light reflected by the first mirror hits the second mirror and exits through the eyepiece.

  • Fix the mirrors in their places once you have a clear image

Adjust the mirrors until you get a clear image, then fix them with several layers of adhesive tape, glue or epoxy.

Now that you know how to make a simple periscope, it is time to make one and have fun!

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