Malawians stunned at how a Nigerian 'overstayer' managed to beat their immigration at the airport

Malawians stunned at how a Nigerian 'overstayer' managed to beat their immigration at the airport

A disturbing video currently trending on social media has left many Malawians in shock as a Nigerian man refused to get off a plane after he was caught with expired papers by the police.

With the current state of the Nigerian economy, many people continue to look for an exit out of the country by any means necessary. While others have been successful, the same cannot be said for this Nigerian man who was recently caught aboard an Ethiopian airline heading to Malawi.

According to James Singini who shared the video on a Malawian Facebook group, the Nigerian man was caught with expired papers and was asked to leave the plane. However, things took another turn when he refused and physically struggled with three police officers to remain on the plane.

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The Facebook user wrote: "Drama at KIA Ethiopian airlines delayed after a Nigerian refused to come out of the plane. Immigration allowed the man to go though despite knowing that he was not supposed to go. He was then stopped by police at the entrance of the plane then he overpowered him and entered !!Three policemen could not lift the man. Question is how did our immigration officers allow him to pass. Did they receive bribes?"

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According to another Facebook user, the man in question just got out of prison and his papers were already expired.

Madalo Dalitso wrote: "He overstayed and then was arrested infact he had just come out of prison. Unfortunately his ticket he passed those Immigration people and even managed to check in..nobody knows. Lol"

How did he managed to get passed the Malawian immigration authorities with expired papers?

This has been the question on the lips of Madalo Dalisto, James Singini and several other Malawians on social media who expressed their dismay at the news, some of whom alleged that the immigration officers probably collected bribe from the man who can be heard in the video screaming, "Leave me o".

Meanwhile, not less than 75 foreigners with no residence permit have been arrested and repatriated by the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) in Enugu.

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