Signs she loves you without saying

Signs she loves you without saying

Is there a special girl in your life? Perhaps you are wondering how she feels about you, and if she reciprocates your feelings. Or maybe you have a cute friend who keeps trying to tell you that she likes you, but you are entirely oblivious to her feelings. Either way, this article is exactly what you need to understand the signs of her secret crush. Here are the significant signs she loves you without saying.

Signs she loves you without saying
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Of course, the majority of women will not tell you directly that they are interested in you. Everyone is afraid of rejection, and that is why ladies choose a more subtle way to deliver the signs of their affection. There are so many ways to do this, and all you need is to learn how to understand the signs she loves you without saying it directly, but she meant it. If you observe this girl’s behavior, there is a chance that she will leave some hints for you, which she is hoping for you to pick up on.

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How to know if she loves you without saying it

A lot of men are afraid of talking openly about feelings, so very often the hints that the woman is dropping go unnoticed, and this leads to misunderstandings in the relationships. We compiled these signs for you so you would avoid situations like these and understand signs of true love from a woman. The following information will help you learn how to know if a girl loves you.

You should remember that not in every situation, these signs could apply in the same way, because every woman is different and might express her affection in many different ways. You should not instantly assume that the girl is in love with you just because she smiled at you a few times, and you should be very careful with the advances. However, usually for all the women, these signs are common – if you have noticed at least a few of them, then it is very highly possible that she is not indifferent towards you.

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A big secret
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Signs a girl loves you

Here are a few signs that the girl is attracted to you, and she would be happy if you picked up on these and noticed her affection.

1. She looks jealous when you flirt with others

When someone is in love with you, they would not like seeing you be all cozy with other people. Talking to other girls might leave the girl who likes you uncomfortable, because she sees you more than just a friend, and therefore she is afraid to lose you to someone else. The girl may not show it very explicitly, but there can be a hint of sadness or dissatisfaction on her face whenever she sees or hears about you flirting with the other people.

2. She makes eye contact with you

Close eye contact is one of the visible signs that someone is in love with you, because the eyes are usually a reflection of our soul, and the person who has feelings for us will enjoy looking into our eyes. Yes, sometimes people can look each other in the eye. But when you see the girl making long eye contact with you and maintaining it, and especially if she is lowering her gaze and blushing when you look back at her, then it indicates her trust and more than friendly feelings for you.

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3. She is nervous in front of you

When people fall in love, they are naturally shy around this person, because they want to try hard to impress them. Usually, the girl who has feelings for you will act normally when she is with her friends and people she does not see romantically, but around you she will be completely different, often stuttering or fearing to say a stupid thing, smiling, or biting her lip. She can also be tense, snap her fingers or be unnaturally shy – there can be a lot of signs of nervousness. If she usually does not act this way, but around you her behavior changes, then perhaps she is just afraid to admit that she fell in love with you.

4. She is shivering

One more common sign of nervousness when she starts shivering around you. Around people who we are not indifferent to, our heart starts racing, and this causes shaking and trembling, which is very difficult to calm down, no matter how much we try.

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You can learn a lot of things from her body language. Maybe her lips are shaking, or her hands seem to be shivering, or she is regularly playing with her hair nervously. Perhaps she is usually talkative but is unable to speak a word in your presence, and her voice is shaking. It could be a sign of her crush on you because she does not want to disappoint your expectations.

5. Sensual touches

Touches say a lot about the person’s attitude towards you. Maybe you have noticed that she is always trying to touch you in some way, like pat you on the back, hug you or squeeze closer to you. If she was indifferent towards you, she would not have wanted to touch you at all. Of course, the factor of her usual behavior towards friends is also relevant here – maybe she is a natural hugger and is quite touchy with everyone. But if you noticed that you are getting special treatment, or spotted some other signs of her crush in you, then there is a high possibility that she has got it bad for you.

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6. Trying to make you happy

The woman who is not indifferent towards you will always do everything to keep you happy. She will use her sense of humor to make sure that you have a good laugh and are smiling. It will be significant to her that you are in a good mood, and often it happens because she loves seeing you smile. If you notice these signs from a woman, then it can be possible that she is not just a good friend.

7. Interest on social media

People have different behavioral patterns on social media. Some spend a lot of time there, while some only go there when needed. But this is the modern age of social networks, and many young people sacrifice a lot of time checking the updates from their friends.

You can get a glimpse of the girl’s feelings for you from her activity on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If she is regularly liking your posts and also commenting on them, then there is a chance that she wants to get closer to you. If you are friends, she may posts some pictures with you too. However, this fact alone does not mean that she is in love with you – maybe she finds your updates interesting, or spends plenty of time on social media and likes the updates from all of her friends, or posts photos with the majority of them.

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8. She always looks happy when she is around you

The person’s smile means that they are so glad. And if she is happy around you, then it could be a clear sign that she likes spending time together with you. If she always gives you a genuine smile when you come by, with her eyes lightening up, or throws passing smiles at you when you are in the company, then there could be something. You can observe her behavior around you, compare it to her behavior around the other people, and form your opinion on whether she has some feelings for you.

9. She is always listening to you

Have you had one-on-one moments with her? You should remember how she acts around you. The girl who is in love would not interrupt you, talk only about herself, or ignore what you are saying. If she is truly in love with you, she will be a very attentive listener and pay close attention to your words. All women are different, and some other signs of her crush could be slight nervousness, flirty remarks, or getting lost in your eyes from time to time. It is quite easy to differentiate the behavior of someone who is just a friend from someone who has got romantic feelings for you.

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10. You are more important to her than other people

You should observe how she acts around the others, and then how she acts around you. Are there any significant differences? If she is acting differently with you than she does with her friends, to the point of being happier, more giggly and flirty, or just getting more nervous in your company, then it means that you are special to her and she probably wants to impress you.

If you are already friends, she may talk to you a lot, ask your opinions on everything, share food or simply want to spend more time around you than the other people. It will serve as an indication that you somehow managed to mean more to her than the others, or mean something different than her friends.

Always together
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11. A lady spends a lot of time with you

Generally, spending a lot of time with you is already very precious of her. In today’s world people are busy, so they rarely can make time even for their friends. If you noticed that she is always down for your mutual plans and you have had a great time together, then it is clear that she somehow is trying to tell you that she would make a lot of time for you. It is even more evident if she is aiming for one-on-one meetings with you, without the company of friends.

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People usually make time for those who are very dear and special to them, and if she spends lots of her time together with you, then maybe she is attempting to hint at her special feelings for you.

12. Discussing each other’s lives

The girl who would not be indifferent to you will always ask you about the new aspects of your life, and also tell you about her own. If you were just a random guy that she did not care about, knowing things about your life would be not significant for her, and she would also not open up about her own. Perhaps she trusts you with the things no one else knows or tells you something about herself that is deeply personal. It is also a sign that she finds you not just attractive, but also trustworthy. This one could have a catch because she could only be interested in you as a friend, but from her body language around you, you will probably be able to see what her true feelings for you are.

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13. She gives you presents

Maybe the girl gives you random gifts from time to time, and sometimes there is no particular reason for them. These presents could be small, but meaningful for your friendship, or related to your interests. For instance, if you mentioned that you wanted to read a particular book, she can give it to you, or she can present you a T-shirt with a slogan from your inside joke. It can be an indication that she wants to make you happy, and give you some things to remind you of her. It is challenging to find the other reason why she suddenly started giving you gifts.

14. She is interested in your personal life

It is a very significant sign that she might have a crush on you. The girl who does not see you as anything more than a friend would not care about your personal life and romance. Maybe she would not directly ask whether you have a girlfriend, but she would try talking about the topic of relationships with you and figuring out whether you have someone or you are single at the moment. She could also ask a question what your type of girls is, or what are you searching for in your possible girlfriend. This sign very clearly shows that this girl would not be opposed to the idea of trying something more than friendship with you.

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15. She remembers the small details about you

The girl who loves you will know and remember a lot of things about you. She will remember your favorite style of clothing, color, food, book, movie, etc. She can randomly recall the date of your birthday or the band that you like listening to. This sign shows that she pays attention to your personality, and her feelings for you are something deeper than just physical attraction.

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16. She defends you in controversial situations

If the girl jumps to your defense and tries to justify you no matter if you have been right or wrong, then she has stronger feelings for you than just friendship. She is always by your side and does not buy it when other people try to blame you or point out at your flaws. However, in private she is not afraid to call you out on some difficult traits of your character and helps you to become a better person. It is the sign that this girl will be with you through thick and thin, and she is entirely in love.

Trying hard to impress you
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17. A girl is trying hard to impress you

When you first met this girl, she looked completely different. Now, when you know each other better, she is trying to look more beautiful and presentable when you are around. She uses good perfume, wears classy clothes, and puts on more makeup, in attempts to gain your attention and leave a lasting memory in your heart. However, in the company of friends, she looks more casual, wears more plain clothes, and does not put on a lot of makeup. This observation can let you know for sure whether this lady has really fallen for you and is trying to make a long-lasting impression.

18. She is trying to get close to your family

If you are on friendly terms, this girl might have met your family members on some occasions. Notice how she behaves around them. If the girl has real feelings for you, she would want to make a good impression on your family. It shows that she has long-term plans for you, and does not consider you to be just a good friend. She knows that if you are dating one day, she will also have to be on good terms with your family, so she wants to start impressing them now. It is essential for her to look good not only in your eyes but in their eyes as well.

19. She is often talking to her friends about you

When a girl has a crush on someone, then her best friends know everything about it. Most girls will gush to their friends about how awesome their object of affection is. The girl who likes you will regularly talk to her friends about your interactions, tell them things she knows about you, and praise your best qualities. So, maybe when she is with friends, some of them will throw the knowing looks at you or between themselves. It is possible that they know something that you are unaware of.

20. She puts your happiness first

She may have feelings for you, but she is also respectful towards you, and will not always force you to spend time in her company. She knows that you have some special hobbies and interests, and finds it endearing. She is also aware that you have friends of your own, and lets you have alone time with them, without getting upset and demanding that all of your attention goes to her. Shortly, she is just happy when you are happy, even if something disturbs her.

She sits next to you
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21. A lady who often sits next to you

It will be especially visible if you attend studies together or are in the same work environment. When she has an opportunity to sit wherever she wants, she will choose the place which is the closest to you. She will take every opportunity to shorten the distance between the two of you. The reason for this is that feeling you near her has a comforting effect on her and makes her feel more confident.

22. She always encourages and supports you

The woman who is in love with you will inspire you to be the best version of yourself, and always share the strength with you. She acts like your most dedicated cheerleader, and whatever you are trying, she will always be supportive and encouraging, without putting down or diminishing any of your goals. She makes you realize that you are a man with many talents and can achieve everything you are aiming for. And when you fail at something, she will make you feel better about yourself.

23. She understands you on the emotional level

Whenever you need to vent or complain about some problems that you are having in your life, you know that she is always there for you, and will not ever laugh, mock or judge you for anything. Sometimes, she does not even have to say anything, but you still feel emotional support coming from her. She will always help you find a way out of the most challenging situation, and in her, you find comfort and peace. This sign shows that the lady has a great heart with a lot of compassion and that she might feel something when you are around.

24. She sends you heart emojis when she texts you

Texting nowadays can tell you a lot about the person and their intentions. If she was completely indifferent to you, her texts would be short and somewhat formal, or if she considered you a good friend and nothing more, they would be nice, warm and friendly. However, sometimes there is a hint of flirting in the girl’s texts that she sends to you. Perhaps she sends the heart emojis or winks at you? Or maybe she has sent you some unambiguous gifs with romantic subtext? She is hoping for you to pick up the hint, for sure, and understand that what she feels for you is deeper than just friendship.

25. She smiles with her eyes

Smiling does not necessarily mean that she loves you, because it can be friendly as well, and indicate that she is just enjoying your company and liking you as a person. But you should pay attention to her eyes – the woman in love will have “hearts” in her eyes, and she will look at you like there is no one else in the room but you. If she is smiling with her eyes, then the smile is real, and she is not faking it. To tell the real smile apart from the fake one, you should look at the crease which appears at the sting of her eyes.

She smiles
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All these signs may indicate that a woman has feelings for you, especially when she shows a few signs at once. Still, they are not always accurate and depend on the individual qualities of every woman. For example, the girl might be flirty and bubbly with everyone she knows, or on the other hand, she might be shy and nervous when there are a lot of people around her, and it does not mean she acts this way only in your company. You should make sure that she truly is in love with you, and not mistake her behavior for the friendly one to avoid awkward situations. Do not try kissing her or performing romantic interactions if you are not completely sure that she loves you. At first, it would be better to bring up this subject in a way that would not be direct or pressuring, and probably she will open up to you.

You should also remember the important thing: if there is a girl who seems to have a crush on you, but you do not reciprocate her feelings, or you already have a girlfriend, it can be tense and awkward, but you must be polite and respectful with her. Do not be rude towards her or mock her feelings, because it can break the person’s heart and make them not trust anyone for a long time, feeling like every confession in their life will end with cruel rejection. Be mindful of the effect it will have on her. Of course, it is unfair to lead her on and pretend that you do have feelings for her. It would be best to talk it out in a polite way – tell her that you appreciate and acknowledge how she feels, and apologize for not being able to reciprocate them.

Also, you have to differentiate the possessive and controlling behavior from real love. If she is constantly jealous and wants to control every aspect of your life, including demanding to spend time with her over your family and friends, then it is not romantic at all and would lead to you being unhappy and isolated. The advances from such a person need to be cut off before you attempt something with her.

You have learned the signs that a girl loves you without directly saying it in your face. Hopefully, this article will help you understand women better.

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