Meet Martina Big, white woman who believes she can have black kids after she transformed to black

Meet Martina Big, white woman who believes she can have black kids after she transformed to black

Being an African is more than just skin colour. It has a lot to do with the DNA, culture, tradition, history, among other things.

It is quite common to hear of dark skinned ladies using lightening creams or injections to appear white but not common to hear about white people taking chemicals to become black.

However has gathered the report of a German model, Martina Big, who believes she is black and has taken steps to change the colour of her skin as well as make her formerly blonde hair appear dark and nappy like that of an African.

Martina and her husband, Michael Eurwen, who got married in October 2018, are both take tanning injections to become black.

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Meet Martina Big, white woman who believes she can have black kids after she transformed to black

Martina with her husband Michael Photo : Rex
Source: UGC

The couple was recently on the This Morning Show, and they explained to presenters Holly Willoughby and John Barrowman that doctors told them their babies would be born black.

This is quite surprising seeing as they are both originally white and their child would most likely take after their real colour.

One of the baffled presenters, Holly, had to cut in to ask Martina if she would feel the child is not connected to her if eventually born white. She said: “And if that baby is not... because I'm trying to think biologically how that is possible, if you give birth to a white child will you somehow think it's not connected to you?"

Then Martina replied that the child would be a mix of her and her husband and would most likely be born dark or at least ‘milk chocolate’.

She said: “No, it's a mix of Michael and me.

“I'm pretty sure it will be black or milk chocolate or a little bit lighter, it doesn't matter."

The interview raised a lot of reactions on Twitter as many people wondered how a white woman married to a white man would believe she can give birth to black kids. See some reactions below:

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Nawa o.

Meanwhile previously shared photos of some Nigerian celebrities whom fans accused of skin bleaching after participating in the 10 years challenge.

Recently, a popular trend rocked the social media which was called the 10 years challenge. The movement involved individuals posting photos from a decade ago alongside a more recent one.

Many people jumped on the trend seeing as it showcased the obvious growth that has taken place in their lives and celebrities were not left out.

Several Nigerian entertainers who participated in the movement impressed some of their fans while others were left shocked at the obvious difference in their appearance.

Some fans even speculated that some stars had used creams to lighten their skin tone while others argued that the quality of camera as well as the presence of light is probably responsible for their lighter shade in the new photos.

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