Eyebrow shapes for different face types

Eyebrow shapes for different face types

Eyebrows are one of the determining factors, allowing to create a full-fledged fashionable image. Accurately chosen eyebrow shapes according to face type will hide small nuances and correct flaws. Read on to know more!

Eyebrow shapes

Eyebrow shapes

First, you need to determine the face type then choose the appropriate shape of eyebrows. Doing this is effortless. The following types of the face are distinguished:

  • Square: the length and width of the face are almost the same, only in the area of ​​the cheeks such face is slightly wider;
  • A rectangle: the length of the face is bigger than the width, because of which the face becomes elongated. The cheekbones, forehead, and chin are positioned on the same line;
  • Circle: you can guess the shape of the face already from its name;
  • Triangle: owners of this type of face have a wide forehead that is combined with a narrow chin;
  • Oval: protruding cheekbones, chin less than the forehead;
  • Pear: the main volume is in the area of ​​the cheeks, the chin and jaw are much wider than the cheekbones and forehead;
  • Rhombus: owners of this type of face have pointed chin and high and wide cheekbones;
  • The heart: it has a wide low forehead and narrowed jaw, while the cheekbones are slightly wider.
Different face types

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Eyebrow fashion changes as often as clothes do. However, it is vital not only to follow the trends but also to select the eyebrows shape that suits you. What are the most popular forms of eyebrows?

  1. Straight: these are horizontal lines without any arches;
  2. Steep arch: such eyebrows are distinguished by a sharp break in the middle, which makes the gaze open;
  3. S-shaped: it is the most complex type of eyebrows, which can be performed only by an experienced master. It looks exquisite and gives sensuality;
  4. Arched: it is a classic shape, which is a smooth ascending line, the outer end of which is much thinner than the eyebrow head;
  5. Rounded: lines are soft, with a smooth arch in the middle.
Types of eyebrow shapes

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Eyebrow shapes for round face

How can you choose the shape of eyebrows for round face? Your main task is to bring the circle closer to the oval and visually narrow it. The following models are suitable for this purpose:

  • Steep arch: you need to pull out the hairs on end and in the middle of the eyebrow. Thanks to this, you can increase your natural arch and make it noticeable. But you should have a sense of proportion. Otherwise, this arch will turn into a sharp corner, which does not look so pretty;
  • Arched: in this case, it is necessary to pull out the end a little, if it is lowered down. It is important not to overdo and to keep the length and not get a short and wide curl. If necessary, use a cosmetic pencil or make a tattoo with henna.

Important! Thin rounded eyebrows and wide straight ones are not recommended for girls who have a round face. Such eyebrows shapes will make a face even wider and fuller.

Eyebrow for round face

Eyebrow shapes for oval faces

It is not for nothing that the oval form is considered ideal — almost all types of eyebrows are perfect for them. Perhaps the only exception is wide straight eyebrows — they make the features of an oval face rough and also visually shorten the oval.

We advise you to look at the following options for an oval face:

  • Arched: this form gives the appearance of romance and femininity. The main thing is to make an arch soft and smooth. An overly sharp arch can make you look harsh and even somewhat angry;
  • Horizontal: such eyebrows will visually smooth some elongated oval form and make it rounded. Remember, the shape must be symmetrical. Pull out the eyebrow inside a little — this will raise the arch and open your eyes. Remember to remove the excess hair and at the point of the intended arch;
  • Rounded: eyebrows of this shape will make sharp features softer and smoother. If you want to make the round eyebrow shape perfect, be sure to think about the ratio of its main indications namely the length, width, and height of the arch.
Eyebrow shapes for oval faces

Eyebrow shapes square face

Eyebrows for a square face with its sharp outlines should be soft, arched and slightly rounded. Experts recommend making the arch sharp and highly elevated. Ideally, it should be positioned above the outer end of the eye or above its middle. The end can be made a little longer than usual. You should avoid short lines. As for the width, stop at medium or slightly more.

Eyebrow shapes for square face

Eyebrow shapes for heart shaped face

Choosing the shape of the eyebrows for the heart-shaped face, stop at those that balance a wide forehead with a small lower jaw. Ascending lines will perfectly cope with this task.

If the eyebrows are naturally endowed with a soft arch, turn them into soft ascending ones. It is impossible to bring them down — so you will draw attention to the extended upper part. But the horizontal lines will need a slight correction. Firstly, pull out the hairs over the eyebrow head, lowering its inside. Then raise the end, moving it to the temples. Pull out the bottom row approximately from the middle, moving to the outer edge.

Important! Slightly raise the eyebrow line to make the forehead higher.

Eyebrow shapes for heart-shaped face

Eyebrow makeup

How to do eyebrow makeup at home:

  • Before proceeding to the eyebrow makeup, you need to comb them with a special brush that does not differ in appearance from the brush for mascara. It will help to place all the hairs in places, and then you can easily fill the "gaps" between them.
  • The most important thing for you is to choose the right shade that will look as natural as possible on the eyebrows.
  • Girls usually use pencils and felt-tip pens to fill the "empty" areas. But if you want to draw an eyebrow from scratch, it is better to take another tool - for example, shadows. The pencil will give a very bright, unnatural shade. It is most convenient to draw the contour using it.
  • Draw the eyebrow outline first from the top, then from the bottom (to make the lines symmetrical, do the makeup in parallel on both eyebrows), and then fill it with easy sharp strokes.
  • The special gel will help to fix the makeup: it can be colourless and tinged namely black, gray, brown. Thanks to it, the hairs "fall down" in the right direction and fix on the whole day. If you do not have eyebrow gel, you can use regular hairspray for their styling. But do not spray them all over the face - apply a little on the eyebrow brush and only then apply on the hair.
Eyebrow makeup

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Use our tips and your eyebrows will look ideal, especially if you will choose their shape accordingly to your face type.

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