Uses of plants and trees

Uses of plants and trees

Everywhere you look, you see plants, but have you ever thought about the uses of plants and what plants consist of? Plants grow almost everywhere on the planet, even in most desolate places.

Uses of plants

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They come in various forms and shapes, have different purposes and unique life cycles, but their primary goal is one for all – to keep life on Earth for every living creature.

What is the use of plants?

Humans discovered numerous uses of plants, some of which may seem even unpredictable. Let’s look at them in details.


Uses of plants as food

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First of all, plants are the source of life for us. From fruits and vegetables, we get numerous nutrients, vitamins, and other useful substances. Plants keep us alive, giving us harvest.

We consume a particular amount of products from plants and sell others, what constitutes one of the aspects of the economy in the country. So to some extent plants give us an opportunity to start a business, to buy and sell, grow our income and consume more, which, in turn, boosts the economy more.


We use some natural products to cure illnesses diseases. Nevertheless, apart from that, some plants are used in the production of medicine that heals much harder diseases.


Uses of plants in cosmetics

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Various characteristics of the plants make them a useful ingredient in different cosmetic products, such as creams, scrubs, gels, shampoos, etc. For example, the gel of the aloe plant keeps our skin soft and young, and lavender moisturizes it.


Plants provide shelter for animals, and, interestingly enough, for humans as well. Animals build various kinds of shelter from the parts of plants they find, and people use wood as a building material for their homes.


Plants and their uses

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Due to the photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen, so that we can breathe.


The cotton plant provides us with the most usable material for clothing. Thanks to it, we get much vibrant wear on different occasions.

Soil enriching

When plants decompose, they fill the topsoil with nutrients that help seeds to germinate and grow. Moreover, the plants' roots slow the erosion of the soil.


Plants and fire

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Thanks to the plants the humankind invented fire, which was a fundamental discovery that pushed forward the progress. Also, plants provided us with heat, and they still do warm our houses.


Plants are a vital part of experiments in genetic engineering. To some extent, they help to develop the scientific discoveries.


Uses of plants for the garden

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At last, plants are used to make our environment more beautiful. Some people plant flowers and trees in their gardens, and others enjoy spending time in the botanic gardens, admiring the nature. We have competitions in landscape design and flower exhibitions, monuments, decorated with plants, etc. Flora makes our environment delightful and charming.

Parts of a plant

Parts of plants

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There are six essential plant parts:

  • Roots;
  • Stems;
  • Leaves;
  • Flowers;
  • Fruits;
  • Seeds.

Roots help plants to stay in the ground and absorb nutrients from the soil as well as enrich it in turn. Through stems, the nutrients, water, sugar, and starches are transported to the upper part of the plant.

Leaves are needed for the photosynthesis. Flowers are the reproductive organs of plants. With their help, plants continue to appear.

Fruits protect the seeds inside of them and contribute to the dispersal of the seeds. And seeds, in turn, develop into the new plant.

Importance of plants

Importance of plants

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Plants provide us with food and oxygen to breathe. Without these two things, it would be impossible for humans to exist. Therefore, the importance of plants is fundamental. They are one of the main components of nature that help Earth to live.

Now you know all the uses of plants there are and understand why it is crucial to maintain their existence. We depend on plants as much as they depend on our behavior and decisions towards the environment.

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