What essential oil can you use to get your lover back?

What essential oil can you use to get your lover back?

Everyone knows that every essential oil has its effect on our body and our health. But what if we tell you that it can affect your mind as well? Or to be clearer, the mind of your partner in case you want them to express their inner feelings to you. Today, we’ll show you how you can do that with a simple and affordable thing as essential oil.

Essential oil you can use to get your lover back
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As we already know, essential oils are able to influence your mood. If you try to search the Internet, you will see how many different options essential oils have.

Essential oil examples for getting your lover back

Essential oil you can use to get your lover back
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As for our topic, we are here to talk about how you can get your lover back using essential oils. Of course, we don’t mean that you can open a bottle of cinnamon essential oil, for example, and your partner will forget all the negative things that happened between both of you and be happy with you as never before.

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We are talking about boosting your mood, or in our case, the mood of your partner into a positive way of thinking, which may make their feelings burn a little bit.

Here are the examples of the basic “romantic” essential oils:

  • Sandalwood. This essential oil is usually used in India for spiritual ceremonies and meditation, which means that your mind can be fully relaxed due to this oil. It has a very smooth, sweet and warm smell. It is also considered one of the best fragrances for men.
  • Rose. The first thing associated to romantic and warm feelings is rose. And it is clear, because rose has a very romantic sweet fragrance. Also, it helps to balance your hormone level, although it works mostly for women.
  • Ylang-ylang. This soft, flowery fragrance has become one of the most popular when it comes to romantic favorites. It elevates sexual energy and enhances relationship.
  • Jasmine. Jasmine is a very exotic fragrance. You can notice that this smell is used in a lot of famous and not very famous perfumes. Jasmine essential oil is also perfectly matched with such oils as ylang-ylang, rose and sandalwood.
  • Lady Sclareol. This type of oil is the example of a mix of ylang-ylang, geranium, rosewood, jasmine, clary sage, sandalwood and sometimes even more essential oils. This mix is considered as a natural aphrodisiac for both men and women. It calms and balances your mind. It is even able to unlock some emotional issues, and it can make the whole atmosphere more romantic for you and your partner.

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Essential oils in Nigeria that can help you with your love life

Essential oil you can use to get your lover back
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In case, you are into more practical solutions, we have an option for you, which is a massage with essential oils. It is one of the best ways to relax, and of course if you do that with your lover, don’t even doubt that your feelings and your passion will last for a really long time after this.

Here are some examples of how to spend some beautiful time with your lover and some recipes for the mixture, which can change your attitude to each other and add some fire to your relationship:

  • Love massage oil: You will need half a cup of sweet almond oil, half a tea spoon of ground cinnamon and half a tea spoon of vanilla extract. Mix all the ingredients in a glass bowl, let it sit, cover it for 24 hours. Strain the whole mixture through a coffee filter or cheesecloth. The magical mixture is ready.
  • Aphrodisiac oil blend: Use two drops of rose essential oil, three drops of sandalwood essential oil, two drops of ylang-ylang essential oil, three drops of clary sage, one ounce of almond oil. As usual, mix all the ingredients and store it in a dark place. Use it for massage. It will help you and your partner to relax.
  • Love attraction oil: take grape seed oil, ginger essential oil, jasmine essential oil and a few drops of essential oil. You can also add some rose petals if you want to. The best way to use this mixture is as a perfume. Add a few drops of it by fingers on your neck, wrist and chest. Don’t forget to test it on a small part of your body; in case you have any allergic reaction, wash it off. Do not use the mixture on sensitive areas as well.

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Essential oils uses

Essential oil you can use to get your lover back
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Depending on the result you would like to get, there are more essential oil uses. For example:

  • Boosting concentration
  • Inducing calmness
  • Feeling attractive
  • Enhancing memory
  • Reducing pain
  • Becoming successful
  • Being creative
  • Staying positive

Therefore, in addition to getting your loved one back, you will be able to improve your life in other ways as well.

List of essential oils

Essential oil you can use to get your lover back
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To sum up, we have prepared a broad essential oil list, where you can find more essential oils that can be used for similar cases.

Here is the top-10 list:

  1. Black pepper
  2. Geranium
  3. Goldenrod
  4. Jasmine
  5. Patchouli
  6. Peppermint
  7. Rose otto
  8. Rosewood
  9. Vanilla
  10. Ylang-ylang

The only thing you should take into consideration is that you should always speak to an aromatherapist or a medical practitioner before using essential oil. Also, some of the essential oils are unsafe for pregnant women or people whit preexisting medical conditions. As long as you use them responsibly and in moderation, you should be able to notice positive changes.

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