Nigerian man narrates how he handled a female student who tried to be smart with him during his class

Nigerian man narrates how he handled a female student who tried to be smart with him during his class

A young Nigerian man has taken to social media to reveal how he handled a secondary school student who tried to be rude to him in class and it has got the internet reeling with laughter.

Identified as Chris Golden Ifeanyi, the student of University of Enugu, Nsukka has proven that contrary to popular belief, there are more effective ways of disciplining a child other than physically beating him or her.

Ifeanyi, who volunteered to teach some secondary school kids to pass the time during the ASUU strike, took to social media to narrate how he dealt with a female student who tried to be sarcastic with him. Rather than admonish or punish her as the rest of the class expected, he assigned her the responsibility of teaching the class about figures of speech.

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He wrote: "I volunteered to teach some secondary school students literature while ASUU thinks its my destiny they are playing with. A bell went off and since I am not yet familiar with their bell signals, I asked the class if that bell was for going home. One girl answered with side talk "No sir it's for assembly"

I heard her, the class heard her too and took to that hushing silence of trepidation as per someone has spoken out of turn and should expect the worst "Class, do you all realise what she just did?""She just insulted you"

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"Oh no, she gave us an example in figures of speech, Sarcasm. And for a topic we have not yet broached Emmanuella has displayed excellent wisdom hence, she'd be leading the discussion in our next class which would be figures of speech" I changed scheme of work "I'm sorry Mr Chris, I was just playing" "it's alright my dear, the best way to learn is by playing"You will die on top of question tomorrow, you think you can talk anyhow

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