How to be an alpha male

How to be an alpha male

Whether you are interested in how to be an alpha male who attracts women all around, you have to define first what kind of a man it is. These men possess a specific gloss and energy, which are their secret weapons. Keep on reading to find out all the alpha male traits and secrets to get on the top!

How to Be an Alpha Male

Have you ever seen a kind of a mature man with a charming smile, perfect haircut, and fashionable clothes; whose glance piercing tens of women’s hearts? Moreover, did you wish to become the same alpha male? Well, then you have to find out some secrets which lie beyond such a success!

How to become an alpha male

The alpha males are the epitome of masculinity in its pure form. These guys are always on the top and favored by hundreds of people. If you wish to become an alpha male, try to follow their traits. But first, let’s define, who they are and what magic characteristics they possess!

Who is an alpha male?

Who is an alpha male

When you walk along the street, you probably notice that each man has its own pace and behavior in public. However, there is always a man, who seems to be a lion, walking along the prairie of an urban city.

In each of his steps, you feel strength and confidence. He radiates magnetic energy that attracts you from the very first second. Who is he? He is an alpha male! defines “alpha male” as a dominant male. He is very confident and persistent. In general, it is a man who soaks in women’s admiration.

What are the characteristics, which can correctly describe a person as alpha male? Let’s find out!

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Alpha male characteristics

Alpha Male traits

Do you think you are too shy to become an alpha male. But what if you do actually possess the qualities of a dominant man but afraid to show them?

To strike a right balance, let’s find out what characteristics do the most powerful men possess.

Top 25 alpha male traits

  1. Courage. He has no fear to face the challenges of destiny.
  2. Persistence. An alpha man gets what he wants no matter how hard it is.
  3. Defined goals in life. This type of men knows what he wants in life. For him, each day is a new step towards the primary goal.
  4. Intelligence. One agrees that his attention could hardly be attracted by a young man, deprived of good manners, beautiful speech, education, and ability to behave well in society. When we speak about education, it does not mean that he has to finish the best establishment in the world. No. It is all about a desire to master new skills in the sphere he works.
  5. Being a warrior. This man prefers to control everything right here and right now. He doesn’t bother on what will happen tomorrow. He lives and does his best today.
  6. An ability to defend. An alpha man doesn’t provoke fights, but he is strong enough to protect his family, girl and himself.
  7. He is hard-working. These men always know what they want. That’s why you won’t see them being lazy, missing work, etc. They work on the future results even if it requires plenty of efforts every day.
  8. He is humble and a master of his emotions.
  9. The alpha male can laugh at himself. He is wise enough to control his feelings and confess in some of his weaknesses through jokes.
  10. A sound mind in a sound body. He takes care of his physical shape. In some way, it is one of his primary weapons, which strikes female hearts like nothing else.
  11. You will never get bored with him. He knows how to maintain the setting he is in. He jokes, laughs, and tells only the best stories.
  12. A great sense of sympathy. He is the best friend for both his male and female companions. He can share a glass of bee with you and become the most attentive listener.
  13. He is not the loudest. His words are carefully picked. He does not speak to fill the silence with sounds. Each of his sentences is a finished ides, which deserves attention.
  14. He has a taste and style. It doesn’t mean that alpha male prefers shopping more than women. They have their own style. Each detail supplements their look, and they seem to come out from the pages of a popular magazine.
  15. He has a set of life values.
  16. He has good manners and knows how to treat a lady like a queen.
  17. He is the master of his life. No one else, except the alpha man himself, can run his life, even if it is a beloved woman.
  18. Valuable. This notion is far from the money. Being “valuable” denotes to mean a lot for other people and make their lives better.
  19. Generosity. One of the characteristics peculiar to alpha male is an ability to help everywhere being on the way to his own goal. He prefers to make other people accomplish their dreams either.
  20. Optimism. This feature is inherent to people who can reach great success. When such people fall, they rise again with particular experience and know how to avoid the same mistakes in the future.
  21. Leadership. The alpha male helps but does not impose his lifestyle. He is an example you are willing to follow.
  22. Flirty and charismatic. An awareness of how to establish a romantic connection is an essential feature for the alpha male. In this way, he becomes attractive to women. Even if you think that you are not handsome enough, be sure that no women could resist your charisma and the way you treat her.
  23. Curiosity. He aims to broaden the area of his knowledge every day.
  24. A quick eye. The alpha male watches other alpha males to know more about the way they live, dress, behave, etc. They are interested in men’s fashion and know how to look well.
  25. Modesty. These men do not live for looking cool. They enjoy their lives, work, and do the same things you do. In this way, they do not try to be better than someone. It is the way they are.

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How to be an alpha male to your girlfriend

How to be an alpha male to your girlfriend

There is a stereotype that the alpha male does not “settle down”. However, this opinion is wrong. The alpha male settles down with a compatible lady, whose way of life meets his views and is almost the same as his own.

An alpha male in relationships is rather often thought to be authoritative when he is the dominant man and does everything he wants. He becomes more mature and obtains new traits.

Alpha male secrets

Alpha Male secrets

There are five primary secrets to stay the alpha male in relationships:

  1. Vulnerability. At first, you may think that vulnerability is far away from the notion of “alpha maleness”. However, it refers not the behavior in public. It focuses on your openness to a person you wish to build a future with. The vulnerability allows both partners to penetrate deeper, feel your sensuality, and strength.
  2. Confidence. It is another trait a real alpha male possesses in relationships. It gives a man an ability to stay sure in his power to relate to his partner, preserve self-esteem, and a will to defend your lady and yourself when it is necessary. Moreover, confidence helps to reach the set of your own goals and let your partner do the same. When one is confident in what he does, he can get all he wants.
  3. Security. It is one of the secrets that help a newly established family to exist. This key factor cultivates stability in relationships. When you feel secure, you feel confident that nothing will destroy your future.
  4. Respect and dignity. When two people decide to live together, their relationships require mutual respect. Even when the alpha man is used to be dominant, he should pay attention to the rights and wishes of his girlfriend. Each person requires personal space.
  5. An ability to find a compromise. Being dominant does not mean being a dictator. Before you decide to do something together, you should hear the opinions of your girlfriend either.

Being an alpha male is not just a desire to look attractive. It is a style of life. It is never too late to work on your image and reach for your goals. Everything you need is a strong will.

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