How much is enough to comfortably take a lady out on a date? - Legit readers speak

How much is enough to comfortably take a lady out on a date? - Legit readers speak

In most European countries, it is a common thing for people who go on dates to go dutch when it comes to footing the bills, regardless of who initiated the date. In Nigeria however, it is a completely different thing.

There are certain factors that come into play when going on dates, especially first dates. While most people worry about making a good impression, others are more concerned with how much they are likely to spend.

In a country like Nigeria where most dates are often initiated by the men, money is often the major factor that determines how well a date goes. The popular opinion held by most men and women is that a man has to be financial buoyant to able to go on a date.

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In this light, carried out a survey to find out how much is enough to conveniently take a lady out on a date.

The responses however, have been quite interesting. Some kicked against the whole idea of going out on dates, stating it is cheaper to entertain a date in one's house. Others however stated that the amount depended on the type of lady you're taking out and the location for the date.

The prices stated in the comments were from as low as N2500 to as high as N200,000.

See some responses below:

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The responses clearly reflects the diversity in choices as regards going on dates. Some people have no problems spending flamboyantly as they believe creating a good impression is the ultimate goals. Others however see no use in spending on dates as they consider it a waste of time and money.

What's the most you can spend on a date? Share your thoughts with in the comment section!

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