5 ways to lose a Naija guy in 10 days

5 ways to lose a Naija guy in 10 days

Have you ever wondered how to make that man stop calling you? Let's start this way. It's a fun Friday evening with your girls, one of those drunken nights. You are out slaying in your little black dress and your cute heels. While dancing in the middle of the club having the time of your life, you notice this cute guy checking you out like you are a three-course meal.

In order to get out of your shell, the alcohol is screaming at the left side of your head saying "go get him". So you follow this voice and one thing leads to another and you have to do your walk of shame the next morning. However, now he won't take no for an answer. He starts blowing up your phone every 30 minutes to check on you. Now all you want to do is focus on work and move on with your life. These are five ways to do so.

1. Stop picking up his calls: We all know our Nigerian men or men in general have an ego. By the time he calls you for a whole week and you don't pick up, he will get the memo and move on.

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X ways to lose a Naija guy in 10 days

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2. Keep up with the excuses: This works most of the time. There is a notion that says people make time for only what is important to them. If he is sensible and you keep giving excuses, he will know you aren't into him and will look for the next girl to pursue.

3. Act like a psycho: Yes!Act crazy! Stalk all his social media pages and each time you message him, always mention what he did that day. But this will only work if he is one of those people who put their whole lives on social media. No one likes a psycho. He won't be calling you anymore.

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4. Tell him you can't cook: We all know our Nigerian men love food. They are always quick to demean girls who don't know what to do in the kitchen. So imagine all your tactics to get rid of him doesn't work, go over to his and suggest a nice gesture of cooking him dinner. While you are cooking, make sure you do something bizarre like putting the whole onions in your pot of food and adding a little bit more salt than you anticipated. Trust me he won't be calling back after that.

5. Tell him you are a virgin: This chases a lot of Nigerian men. Most of them do not want to start from the scratch. Just tell him you are a virgin and see how fast he will pick race. Only if he wants you for keeps, then do not chase your future husband away by mistake.

These are five major ways to get a guy you don't like to stop calling you in 10 days. Try them out and thank me later.

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